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Hi Ho Silver! Hi Ho Silver

My my, ain’t it interesting that, for something like the 5th day in a row silver has made a 25-year intra-day high ($17.28)? And a month ago it was sitting at 14.77… Of course, the first few times it rose in Asian markets then was pushed back down in US trading. This is starting to remind me of two years ago when it took of from $8.00 in December ‘05 hitting $15.00 by May ’06. I could go for another short-term doubling of silver! 

Just before Christmas when my cousin was here from California he asked what he should invest in. I said “gold”. It was at $795 at the time. Too bad he didn’t buy it… 

Looks like my “short-term silver to $21.00” prediction from a couple weeks back is still on track. In his latest interview Ted Butler is still sticking to his $100/oz long-term forecast. If the major ratings agencies “Fitch, Moodys, Std & Poor etc) perform their fiduciary responsibilities and downgrade the credit ratings of the “derivatives” insurers like MBIA and Ambac watch the mayhem:

  1. Markets tank
  2. Bush’s Plunge Protection Team panics
  3. VIX takes off
  4. Fed drops dollars from a helicopter, B-52, whatever they can get their hands on
  5. Dollar index tanks
  6. Ag & Au blast off 

◊◊◊◊ As of today: Gold @ $914.75, Silver @ $17.19 ◊◊◊◊


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  1. Hi-Ho Silver a very good and objective prediction,Great Job and Good Luck.

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