Osama Is Dead

Hey, how ’bout this nugget of info that the MSM (main-stream media) sanitized? BBC’s respected David Frost interviewed former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in November 2007, the month before she was assassinated.

Frost asks her about the three names Benazir alerted Musharraf to as suspects if she should be assassinated on Pakistani soil. One of them is “Omar Sheikh” whom she describes as the man who murdered Bin Laden.

Before airing the interview the BBC edited out the comment. You can find the unedited version on YouTube. (See below.)

OBL’s murderer is named 2:14 into the video.

Real to Fake OBL MorphingAnd ain’t it funny how OBL’s appearance has significantly altered over the years in the alledged videos? Check out this comparison between the man from 2001 vs 2004. Notice the nose and facial structure, especially the eyes and eye sockets are quite different.

Click the image to start the “morph” overlay.

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