Hillary’s Secret Strategy

Hillary Picks a WinnerHow can Hillary still win? I’ll tell ya. Even though it looks like Obama’s unstoppable as of today, here’s how she can do it.

Buy the votes in the remaining primaries.

Sure, you say, all politicians do that. They make promises, they trade for votes. What’s new?

I’m betting Hillary’s found a NEW way to buy the votes: don’t waste time with the constituents. Get control of the voting machines.

How? How about buying the company that makes the machines? Yep, that’s right, buy Diebold. Princeton University says Diebold machines are easily hacked in less than 60 seconds [link] and have been proven unreliable and have no paper trail.

OK, so if you’re Hillary, how do you buy Diebold without raising suspicion? Hmm…I know! It’s easy:

Step 1. Call your husband’s former Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick. [link]
Step 2. Ask her if she’s still on the board of United Technologies. [yes]
Step 3. Remind her she’s one of your largest contributors and on the short list for Attoney General in a future Clinton Administration. [link]
Step 4. Ask her to get United Technologies to buy Diebold.
Step 5. Watch the news:

Jaime Gorelick“United Technologies makes Bid for Diebold” [link to Reuters article]. UT offers Diebold $40/share. The $40-per-share cash offer marks a 66% premium to Diebold’s closing stock price of $24.12 on Friday.

Wow! A 66% premium. They must r-e-a-l-l-y want Diebold! 

Moral of this story: Never underestimate someone who’s husband partnered with GHW Bush to run South American drugs through Mena, Arkansas for fun and profit! [Oh, yeah, we got the video for you!]

◊◊◊◊ Today: Gold @ $984.85, Silver @ $20.35, USDX @ 73.70 ◊◊◊◊


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