…They Will Kill Us All

Warren warned us five years ago. The idiots and their OTC derivatives will kill us all.

Financial Weapons of Mass DestructionThey just killed Bear Stearns. (The Fed/Chase had to suddenly bail out the 85 year-old investment bank and, more importantly, primary dealer in US Gov’t bonds.) JPMorgan Chase helps the Fed delay (not avoid, mind you) the financial meltdown by keeping the first domino standing. And, Chase picks up BS for 2.5 cents on the dollar.

Yes, the Fed was so desperate to keep the first domino from falling they engineered a giveaway: a month ago BS was trading at $80/share. Chase buys it for $2/share. 97% less! Fire sale! And get this: JPMorgan Chase has gambled more on derivatives than any other bank! OMG they’re into it for $91.7 trillion. Yes, TRILLION:


This is 8 times the entire US GDP! And these are the guys bailing out BS?!? This is insanity!

sirens blareFolks, the banks (at least the big ones) will be kept afloat as long as possible. The cost will be massive inflation. The gov’t will lie about the CPI, but stalwarts like John Williams of ShadowStats.com will report the truth. The money supply is increasing at a double-digit rate. Inflation will soon follow.

  1. If you have money in passbook savings, CDs, bonds, etc you will lose money to inflation faster than you can make it up in interest.
  2. If your investments aren’t pulling double-digit gains you will be poorer by the end of the year.
  3. If you’re retired and counting on social security COLAs you will get squeezed and have to do with less.

No, it’s not fair.

You must take action now.
 Protect Yourself
Please please please protect yourself:
Have a lot of money tied up in your bank? Get at it while you can. Get physical gold, get physical silver. Get agricultural commodities (sugar, coffee, wheat, corn, beans) if you can find a broker you can trust.

◊◊◊◊ Now: Gold @ $1025.10, Silver @ $21.15, USDX @ 70.94 ◊◊◊◊


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