NW Territorial Mint Sued for Slow Deliveries

NWTM SuedAttorney General sues NW Territorial Mint. Click the link for the full story.

Seems the AG for Washington state has received 82 complaints against NW Territorial Mint. Apparently, the volatility in the silver markets has made their normally slow delivery even slower.


3 Responses

  1. I’ve ordered many times from them. There delivery has always been slow. But waiting for my 2010 silver eagles have been unbearable. They never told me it would take four months and I still might not get them. I go to my local silver dealer and hes got tons of 2010 eagles. Its embarrasing that a big company doesn’t have crap. I will never go to them again. I will use goldmasters.

  2. NW Mint delayed my delivery almost a month after my check had cleared my bank. These people were rude and OK with cancellation because prices had risen.
    I ordered per their adv both morgan and 1921 style silver dollars (they sent ONE Morgan) coins were dirty and worn …….. keep me informed I am one of their Shodden Froid friends.

    • Hey Robert,

      NWTM treated me the same way in 2005-2006. It made no difference whether I sent a personal check, cashiers check, or wired funds: they always delayed my order by 6 weeks. Of course, they wouldn’t admit this up front. The nice people on the phone always assured me my order would go out soon.

      In spite of them having IMHO the most beautiful 5 oz and 10 oz silver bars, I stopped doing business with them. I felt I just couldn’t trust them.

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