Dutch Newspaper Says Iran Attack “Imminent”

Check this out from Alex Jones’ Prison Planet/InfoWars site:

Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran

Steve Watson
Friday, August 29, 2008

The biggest Newspaper in the Netherlands today devotes its front page to news that the Dutch intelligence agency has helped the CIA prepare for an air attack on Iran which it now believes is imminent.

AVID, Holland’s military intelligence service, has pulled back from operations it was carrying out inside Iran as it believes an American led attack will go ahead within weeks according to De Telegraaf’s sources.

The headline reads: “AIVD is calling back spy because of US plans

De Telegraaf reports that the decision has already been made by the U.S.
to attack Iran using unmanned aircraft
. Potential targets are said to be nuclear facilities and military installations. The latter have been mapped by the CIA with the help of the Dutch secret service. [For the full story, visit

Could this be the “event” both Hawkeye and Ron Paul have talked about?

A few weeks back, when the Georgia/Russia conflict began, former Majestic 12 member Dan Burisch actually had a helicopter standing by to whisk his wife, mother-in-law and two kids away to safety. He felt it was that serious.

FYI Dan was the catalyst responsible for the sudden sentence-reduction offer to British citizen/hacker Gary McKinnon. The US Gov’t, extradicting Gary on charges he hacked into top secret military computers, reduced the expected jail time plea-bargain from 70 years to 4 years.

Gary McKinnon claims he saw evidence that the “United States Government and [a specific group of aliens] are in a joint orbital fleet, awaiting a possible worldwide catastrophe.”

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Silver Prediction from David Morgan

Here’s a snapshot of David Morgan’s latest silver prediction. Historically, he has been the most accurate of all the experts I follow in predicting silver*.

First, I need to give you the changes to my current thinking. For many months I thought that gold and silver would be nearing the March 2008 high of roughly $1000 gold and $21 silver. Because of what has taken place the past five trading days, I have revised that! Currently I see the silver market moving back toward the $15-$16 level by the end of the year as a minimum. We should experience resistance in this area.

However, my fundamental analysis is many investors will come into this sector beginning in September of this year and this will be the beginning of the next leg up for the precious metals. Furthermore, I still expect to see new highs for gold near $1250 and $25 silver by May 2009. Inflation continues unabated even as the mainstream continues to play down and report bogus inflation data. Nothing, absolutely nothing, does better in an inflation that SILVER!!

Let me wrap up by stating that this market has been extremely difficult for all of us, and many times I have stated how difficult it is to ride the bull market. The BULL will do everything in its power to shake you off. In is my very studied opinion that now is the time to hold on tighter and ask yourself if you were to sell your precious metals positions, where would you place the money? Housing? The Dow Jones? The Bond Market?

*Why listen to David Morgan, or subscribe to his newsletter? Consider his silver predictions for this year:

In The Morgan Report published on March 3, 2008, in paragraph four, he stated the following: “We expect to see a quick and solid spike high within the next few weeks. It may come as early as a few trading days from the date of this publication. First, we base this on the fact that the Commitment of Traders report in silver is showing us caution based upon countless previous experiences.”

Silver hit its high two weeks later, on March 17. Most were claiming we had far higher to go, but they were wrong.

In April 2008 he stated in paragraphs three and four, “March was one of the most volatile months for the precious metals ever experienced in modern history. Gold breached the $1,000 level and in a matter of days had fallen more than $100. Silver moved above $21 per ounce and fell even harder, hurting some folks who use leverage to trade these markets. The fall is driven mainly because the price of precious metals is determined in a leveraged atmosphere. As hedge funds panic and sell, the commercial traders in the precious metals let out a huge sigh of relief as they are able to cover their short positions. Our sources indicate that many in the ‘hedge fund’ community were urged to sell.”

What about the May issue? Here is what he stated for his paid subscribers:

“Last month we focused on the probability of the current corrective phase in the precious metals. Some are still of the opinion that the correction is almost over and we can expect to see silver and gold move toward their recent highs in short order. We do not see that taking place and expect at least a three to six month corrective phase to develop.

Dead on right. Silver eventually dropped to $12.70 (even though it was impossible to buy any at that price). 

In the June 2008 issue of The Morgan Report, market direction was not really mentioned; however, he did make this comment, “The market provided tons of information to comment upon this month, but I want to keep it brief since much is available for free on the Internet. The CFTC sent another message that they see no manipulation in the silver price. I commented on this, as did other silver commentators, so if you missed it, please check the main Web site. The thrust of my public article was that the amount of silver on paper is about 100 times the amount of physical silver, and the silver derivatives are potentially a problem area in the future.”

As far as I am concerned, that day has arrived, and there is some disconnect between the futures market (derivatives) and the physical silver market. This can be verified because the spreads between the paper price and the physical price are so wide. 

On the first page of his July 2008 report he stated, “. . . I suspect a sharp and hard move to the downside, similar to last year, that will take all markets down, including the mining shares and the metals.”

BAM! Right again! Look at the six-month chart again. The “sharp and hard move to the downside” began a week into August. Dang this guy’s good!

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Russia Issues War Warning

This just in from Jeff Rense’s site:

As the attention of the America public is focused on the American election, with the Democratic Convention having just ended, the public has missed something. Something not missed by Europeans, even mainstream European news media have given broad coverage to the story. 
Just a minor story, really, no need to turn your attention away from the political puff that is American electoral politics. Just something about Russia (you know the big country with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems) and a clear WAR WARNING TO NATO.
In what is the most serious international crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis almost caused World War III forty-five years ago, Russia has issued a War Warning to NATO and America. “If NATO suddenly takes military actions against Abkhazia and South Ossetia, acting solely in support of Tbilisi, this will mean a declaration of war on Russia,” said the Russian Ambassador to NATO, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin. Further, Russia is making it clear that military assistance to Georgia will be considered an act of war. Ambassador Rogozin likened the current crisis to the fevered diplomatic atmosphere in Europe just before the start of the First World War. World War I was said to start when “the lights went out in the chancelleries of Europe” and diplomatic measures failed. 
A top Russian military figure, the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies (in Moscow) Colonel General Leonid Ivashov said “We are close to a serious conflict”. With regard to the Georgia-South Ossetian conflict, General Ivashov said that one of the principal goals of NATO’s “geopolitical operation” was to neutralize Russia as a global player in the run-up to a war with Iran.
The British publication, ‘This is London’, calls the Russian position, as articulated by Ambassador Rogozin, an “extraordinary warning to the West”.
Another leading London newspaper, ‘The Mail’, said “Tensions between Russia and the West were ratcheted even higher today after Moscow warned that the American naval build-up in the Black Sea could be seen as a ‘declaration of war’.”
While I am not heading for the nuclear bomb shelter, I do think that this is serious. One of the main fears has been what the crazy neo-con Administration of George Bush and Dick Cheney would do in its final months in power. Would they begin yet a third war, this time with an Iran armed with advanced biological weapons of mass destruction capable of killing maybe a third of the human race? The answer to that is still up in the air, but it appears that the overall answer is much worse than anyone thought.
The Bush Administration funded a buildup of the Georgian Army and recently sent about a thousand US Marines to train the Georgian troops. Israel and the United States sold a large amount of military technology and hardware to Georgia. Israeli companies, headed by reserve Israeli generals, brought in excess of a thousand Israeli mercenaries into Georgia and two senior, recently retired Israeli generals provided senior command “consulting” to the Georgian General Staff. All of this turned very ugly, when on 8/8/08 the Georgian forces attacked lightly armed Russian peace keepers along with many innocent Russian civilians using volley fire from massed tubeless artillery. Over 1,400 men, women, and children were killed in their own homes without warning, in the opening minutes (with over 2,000 killed in the five day war). In response to this, Russia sent in her troops and most Georgian troops retreated (some “retreated” so fast that they threw away their uniforms, guns, and equipment as they ran home). 
The Russians, by most accounts, behaved well and stopped short of the Georgian capital. However, to hear the neo-con political leaders in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom tell it, the Russians attacked a defenseless nation that had done nothing to provoke the attack. Increasingly the neo-con owned mainstream news media is spinning the story into one of Russian aggression, making the Russians out to be the bad guys and ignoring the murder of thousands of civilians by the Georgian/Israeli forces. 
Russian’s deputy military chief, Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, has warned that NATO has already exhausted the number of naval forces it can have in the Black Sea under the Montreux Convention (an international treaty dating to 1936 that governs the number, type, and tonnage of warships allowed to pass the Turkish Straits ~ the Bosporus and the Dardanells ~ into the Black Sea) and warned Western nations against sending more ships. The Montreux Convention allows the NATO ships to stay no longer than 21 days and limits the total number to nine warships (the current number).
If the Convention treaty is violated by NATO it will be a technical state of war. Russia has warned Turkey that she will be held responsible if additional warships are allowed into the Black Sea; already Turkey has prevented some US naval ships from entering. The total tonnage limit on naval ships is 45,000 tons. The US sought to send the USNS Comfort and the USNS Mercy, hospital ships whose tonnages both exceeded 69,000 tons each, through the Turkish Straits but Turkey would not allow it. As the hospital ships are not really needed, this was simply an attempt by the Bush Administration to violate the Montreux Convention and to get by with it by insisting that no rational nation could object to hospital ships. General Nogovitsyn has pointed out that US Navy ships in the Black Sea have nuclear armed cruise missiles capable of striking at most of European Russia including St. Petersburg and that these ships are considered “a serious threat to our security”.
The Russians suspect that the US Navy is delivering arms to Georgia under the cover of civilian aid. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said, “Normally battleships do not deliver aid and this is battleship diplomacy, this does not make the situation more stable”.
Russian Admiral Eduard Balin (former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet) was quoted by Russian news media as saying, “Despite the apparent strength of the NATO naval group in the Black Sea….a single salvo from the Moskva missile cruiser and two or thee missile boats would be enough to annihilate the entire group. Within twenty minutes the waters would be clear.” The Moskva is the world’s only currently serving ‘heavy battle cruiser’ and the most powerful non-carrier surface ship in the world. 
British neo-con leader, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will attend an unprecedented emergency summit of leaders of the EU’s 27 member states this coming Monday, in Brussels, to discuss the EU’s response to Russia’s actions. Sanctions are expected to be on the agenda to punish Russia for its “aggression”. Fears are being expressed in Europe that Russia may restrict oil deliveries to Western Europe over the next few days, in response to the threat of EU sanctions and NATO actions in the Black Sea. This would be a dramatic escalation of the Georgian crisis and would play hell with global oil markets.
In a related story, Lebanese television and other sources are reporting that the Israeli government has reached a “strategic decision on Iran”. That Israel will strike Iran, eventually (alone if necessary). The Jerusalem Post says that the Israeli government is moving forward with plans for the purchase of special aircraft and working on receiving US government approval to use US controlled Iraqi airspace for an attack on Iran.
It is interesting that more and more publications, from the right, center and left (including pro-neo-con and anti-neo-con), are speaking of World War III. An interesting article by Stratfor (generally pro-Israel and pro-neo-con) and reprinted by finchannel.com (a strongly pro-neo-con publication) speaks of Turkey’s Options in the coming Third World War. 
What the crazy evil Bush/Cheney Administration has done is to move the world close to World War III by bringing the Russians into the neo-con ever growing nightmare of war; 8/8/08 was the Russian 9/11 brought to you by the same people who gave America its 9/11, Britain its 7/7, etc. 
There are various theories as to why the United States (or more specifically why the neo-cons who control the US government) would want to push Russia into a global war; just as there are various theories why tiny Israel would want to involve itself in a battle against a massive nuclear power like Russia, who could turn Iran and Syria into nuclear armed states overnight if it chose to. 
Many say that the neo-cons are simply crazy and that their maneuvers have failed. Others would say that the neo-cons are simply pawns in a larger Grand Strategy game that the global banking families have been playing for a couple of centuries and that a Third World War is required to establish the New World Order/global government that they intend to establish and establish soon. If the latter is the case, a little thing like advanced 21st Century warfare will get in the way. There is simply NO WAY that mankind can survive a Third World War, except for Divine intervention. The levels of destructive firepower and technology are simply too great.

October Warning

On July 18 one of our heroes, George Green, (former investment banker, multi-millionaire) has already warned about war with Iran and financial collapse occurring around the end of the US’s fiscal year (Sept 30, 2008).

Now there is another deep undercover guy warning about October. Project Camelot has vetted him, cross-checking some of his claims against other deep insiders they talk with. They call him “Hawkeye” to protect his identity. He’s saying he’s found out a major event is planned for the “first 10 days in October.”

Here are all of his comments, verbatim, brought together in chronological order (they are otherwise scattered throughout Project Camelot’s excellent site). Project Camelot’s comments are italicized.

April 12, 2008

On 20 April we received a message from a veteran inside source, whom we’ve never met but have learned to like, respect and trust, to pay close attention to (and archive) this financial comment. Our source warned that it might not last long on the net, saying that “it reflects what the progression will be for the next 9 months.”

Yesterday, as he predicted, it was deleted “at the request of the author”.Click here for the original page as a PDF. Save it and forward it to your financial friends for their reference. Post the original text (still cached on Google) on your blogs. We are still working to understand the significance of the information.

Our source also advised that the “time scale might be escalating”, spoke of Iran, and warned of financial melt-down later in the year (August-November). He said that things were “serious”. Of considerable interest is that the same source hinted heavily to us, a few months ago, that this artlcle about chemtrails was accurate. We have now read it again, very carefully. 

Almost everything we are hearing, both from sources we have reported and from others which we have not, tells exactly the same story of economic and geopolitical events to come.

July 7, 2008

We have received this message (edited slightly), from an insider source who has sent us over 60 e-mails on various subjects since October 2007. We first reported from this person on 24 April, when we wrote to us about the manipulation of the metals markets, and earlier about chemtrails. He has been communicating to us for several months about an impending “massive hurricane” of events – in his words, set to occur before October/November this year. The message below (dated 1 July) is the most stark we have received. Some paraphrasing with all identifying details removed.

I am going to talk with you about survival. My report is not based on spiritual data. It is hard survival information derived from my sources who are adamant about preparing and getting out of harm’s way now.
This report from Alex Wallenwein is most important in understanding what is happening. 
Alex is one of the few left who are tipping the scales ever so slightly. Note that even though the timing is currently not exactly synchronized, the sequence is to be noted:

1) The provocation by non-compliance in Iran
2) The upcoming attack on Iran
3) Intense repercussions on the USA
4) The IMF ‘overtly’ intervening in US financial matters via the Federal Reserve
5) The coming collapse of the dollar
 A Wall Street breakdown to unbelievable lows.

All this will happen very soon, most likely by November if not before. My informers are leaving the building. The refuge is in sight.
So much is about to happen that safety is now an urgent element to prioritize. January will be too late to proceed successfully.

I recommend a small parcel of land in the relatively higher elevation wooded hills, somewhere the masses will avoid in the beginning. Perhaps very remote between hills, with a natural stream, and wildlife, and an area cleared for some agricultural work, i.e. garden, and of course communication equipment to be used off the grid, fans and water bottles, food, generators, fuel, oil, bicycles, but mostly battery operated equipment, and some kind of EMF copper wiring protection around your perimeter, and perhaps some defense equipment, monitor/camera surveillance equipment, and warning devices, satellite dishes.

Sounds extreme, but the hungry masses will not care much about spiritual values and brotherly love and respect – sad to say.
People just will not believe what is about to happen to society over the next few years. I find it all very hard to believe even myself. But I know the game plan, and it does not include even us. We are at war with an unseen enemy who has been practicing on us for a good while. We are all considered to be useless consuming animals.

July 8, 2008

This will probably be my last contact with you, as I plan to move shortly. The only reason I will contact you again, if contact is even possible, is to provide exact details of anything I can learn if at all possible.
I enjoyed the last report with Michael St.Clair.
He is basically on target. His work has been followed very closely. I do not believe he is in any direct danger at this point.
Most people just have no real clue as to what is ahead. Many do not even want to know, or would even believe it. The programming has been most efficient and reinforced to the point that people will swear that they have not been programmed, when in fact they are heavily programmed.

Michael St.Clair is a good person. His advice to you is more than notable. Not to echo the sentiment carelessly or light heartedly, but the most important thing each person facing the next few years, and whatever future there evolves, is to learn self-reliance. This is beyond imperative if one wishes to survive.
Of course you really have no idea who I am. However, I am who I say, and have worked with the people who make things happen, and control most anything of major import. I have experienced that which movies cannot portray. This is my statement of fact for you now.
I know the importance of my messages. You have already seen the results of many of them. I want to say more, but cannot now, perhaps never.
I want to tell you in a most sincere fashion, that, those whom the reporters refer to as “Zionist” are nothing more than the Rothschilds’ henchmen. These people, an army in effect all over the world, many concentrated in the USA right now, many whom are absolutely programmed from birth, are cold-blooded, ruthless killers. They are trained in every aspect of militarization and control. Some are trained to be subtle and can draw into their confidence people from various walks of life, and then do a 180 on them without notice… very frightening folks, I can tell you.

They read all our emails, and know who is doing what, especially of folks like me. You cannot escape the tracing techniques they have in place, which are absolutely mind boggling. I have already been warned in the past about some of my emails.

My immediate source of protection and I have a basic appreciation and respect. What he tells me remains basically confidential, although I do spit out some important data here and there. Also, the fact that the Roths are so close to accomplishing their objectives, Absolute World Control, they are becoming really indifferent to what anyone does or says, as the game is basically finished.
I keep hearing that there is a rather urgent, well-orchestrated multi-faceted situation approaching by fall. I hear about October, but the exact date I have not been able to learn: a worldwide problem that will also include the financial community, at the very least a rapidly escalating world financial collapse on a magnitude never seen before.
Tell your readership that preparation for world changes need to be considered, not out of fear, but something like, let’s just say, a massive hurricane in the Gulf. It’s coming our way, but we just do not know quite when it will hit, so we intelligently prepare for the eventuality.

Self-reliance is the key to our future.

August 11, 2008

The Rothschilds want America brought to its knees so that the North American Union, a pre-step to world governance, can proceed. This means anything that will contribute to that cause. The Rothschilds want to rule the world through their multiple corporate giants they own and manage worldwide, PERIOD. They care not about money when one owns everything.

People who talk about the money-grabbing powers do not understand what is going on. Control and Power is the game.

Now, this means America must be split apart in every possible way, through war, economy, stock markets, civil unrest, and the ideas of freedom given a new meaning: “Managed Freedom” – the beehive effect, and disguised socialism managed by dictatorial methods.

Now, this does not mean America will cease to exist, but it will exist in a form never seen before, and most folks are now dumbed down enough to accept something new, even though it is a bit unpleasant. Americans love their beer and peanuts, and as long as the basics are in place, there will be no major riots: just smaller ones in lower income areas which are to be squeezed out of existence along with dissidents on whatever scale. Hello, trains and prison camps, and whatever else… bad stuff.

I just talked to a close friend who is, shall we say, a high level techno-mercenary handling engineering projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, and yes, in Iran. The process as he understands it is to proceed with Georgia and others, kicking Russia around a bit to destabilize/roughen them as well, as they want Russia and Putin insulted a bit due to recent displays of retaliation pressure.

Then probably some Pakistan event as they are surrounded now with heavy military we are not hearing much about (with some side activity with India later), and come through the back door to Iran through a subterfuge effect, as the US Government knows full well a direct confrontation on Iran is most dangerous, as Iran is radical and is capable at the moment of deadly retaliation.

No, Iran is not out of the game plan, as they are a thorn in the side of the Asian Union plan, so must be eventually taken apart. One could speculate that things in Iran internally most likely are about to change in unexpected ways. This is all I can say on that. There are all kinds of very smart and unusual people in Iran.

Please understand, as much as I would like to study all this more and feel out my contacts, I presently do not know the exact plans/ timelines, sorry to say.

Not been a priority for me to discover. More worried right now about the next 90 days here, making preparation, etc… as things are about to get steadily worse, with a probable October crash economically and otherwise… perhaps some eventual civil conflicts when the system begins to come apart even more than today. Gold and silver are important.

We will begin to see more chaos after October, some going to the streets in heavy minority areas around the country… LA, Chicago, NY, etc.

As I understand it, early October is dedicated to be the major shock month. Things are about to change even more drastically. 

Personally, I will be surprised from what I have heard that there will even be an election. Let’s hope this is not the case, but right now I am not counting on there being one. The Crash (with major worldwide ramifications) will create such chaos that a “National Emergency” may be declared, suspending elections, and while they may not call it martial law, it will be a more aggressive form of a police state enforcement with foreign military brought in to do whatever it takes to establish control of the major populated areas of the country. 

Ultimately, however, it will not make much difference, as the end result is in the making as we speak. The Rothschilds’ Zionists are hammering the government like never before, and they want things to begin to fall in place fast to fit their insane occult plan. BushCo, and Cheney etc, have no plans to change the plans now set into place… and what looks like division in the ranks is nothing more than the orchestrated effort of divide and conquer. The Rothschilds own most of the government decision makers, and those they do not are about to succumb to the Velvet Hammer in various ways.

August 12, 2008

The Georgia event is the kick starter for things to begin to change on a much more aggressive scale. My friends are scared as I have never seen them before. Many have now moved their families south into Nicaragua or Costa Rica. They are on the front lines and know any retaliation with be at them first. Henchmen are mere pawns, you see.

So much is happening the news is not telling folks. The economy is far worse than is told, and we as a country are now broke. The collectors are at the door with guns… it is over.

The many talk show hosts who are freedom-minded are under major watch right now. We may see some shut downs before the end of the year. The Powers That Be want things to happen without news coverage, especially in the underground networks. Everything we are saying is monitored, but they believe checkmate is at hand. So it really makes no difference. We all just need to be out of the line of fire as things detoriate.

These are not games or casual warnings. On Saturday I heard that one of my friends has disappeared, no word, no phones working, no emails working, and someone new is living in his house this morning. This is the third time this has occurred this summer. 

August 12, 2008 (later in day, final message)
First 10 days of October. 


I have delayed posting this while I try to find out more info. I can’t, so I’m posting this today. Is something “big” going to happen by October 10? I don’t know, but in July Ron Paul warned congress:

Ron Paul, Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate, warned Congress last Thursday of an impending “Big Event.” He warned of “chaos about to be unleashed” on economic and political system by globalist intervention and world empire. 

Makes me a bit more wary…does it you?

You Have No Idea

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APMEX Has Silver Eagles

This afternoon APMEX received confirmation from the US Mint it will be allocated an undisclosed number of 500-count “monster” boxes of Silver American Eagles. They are not in stock, but are promised for delivery in about two weeks (9/8/08).

APMEX Silver Eagles

They’re offered at $2.99/oz over spot + $24.95 S&H. I’ve ordered a number of “monster” boxes from APMEX in the past. They’ve never actually stocked them and it always took about three weeks to get them. You may not see any net delay.

I just got mine, now you go get yours!

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9/11 Bldg 7 “Mystery” Collapse Solved

When Building 7 collapsed late in the afternoon on 9/11 many thought it looked like a controlled demolition. The building owner, Larry Silverstein, even admitted as much during a TV interview. He also received a total of $4,600,000,000 in insurance payouts for the WTC disaster on an investment of $124 million (a stellar return of 37,000 % on his investment in 6 months).

But, oddly enough, the official government report on 9/11 failed to mention Building 7 at all. It offered no explanation why a building with contained fires, on only 2 of 47 floors, would collapse.

Independent accredited researchers have found traces of thermite in dust around the building and in the molten steel under the remains. Thermite is used in a controlled demolition to cut the support beams.

But now the government has announced the “official” reason for the collapse: a brand new, never-seen-before phenomenon they’ve dubbed “thermal expansion.”

You can amuse yourself with the whole story here. If you think this is ridiculous, you’re in good company. Over 430 architectural and engineering professionals agree with you.

Who Killed Silver? The Smoking Gun

The biggest question in recent weeks has been “Who killed silver?” Who was responsible for the 38% price drop in silver? Our hero, Ted Butler, looked at the COT report just out and has revealed the answer in his latest column.


For years, the data contained in the weekly Commitment of Traders Report (COT), issued by the CFTC, have indicated that several large COMEX traders have manipulated the price of silver and gold. For an equal number of years, the CFTC has reluctantly responded to public pressure over this issue with blanket denials of any wrongdoing.

The recent widespread shortage of silver for retail purchase coupled with a price collapse appears to have shaken these analysts’ confidence that the COMEX silver market is operating ‘fair and square.’

For any remaining doubters that COMEX silver and gold pricing is manipulated, the following CFTC data should be considered. This data is taken from a monthly report issued by the CFTC, called the Bank Participation Report.

Here are the facts.
As of July 1, 2008, two U.S. banks were short 30,995,000 ounces.
As of August 5, 2008, two U.S. banks were short 169,025,000 ounces, an increase of more than five-fold.

This is the largest such position by U.S. banks I can find in the data, ever.

Between July 14 and August 15th, the price of COMEX silver declined from a peak high of $19.55 (basis September) to a low of $12.22 for a decline of 38%.

Is there a connectionbetween 2 U.S. banks selling an additional 138 million ounces in a month, followed shortly thereafter by a severe decline in the price of silver? That’s equal to 20% of annual world mine production or the entire COMEX warehouse stockpile, the second largest inventory in the world. How could the concentrated sale of such quantities in such a short time not influence the price?

What real legitimate business do 2 U.S. banks suddenly have for selling short such quantities of speculative instruments over a brief time period? Do we want banks to be engaging in this type of activity? If the manipulation was not successful, would U.S. taxpayers be called on to bail out yet another bank speculation gone bad?

Do the traders who lost money in the recent price collapse of silver have a reason to believe that their money is now in the pockets of these two or three U.S. banks? If so, do they have recourse?

The data in the Bank Participation report is so clear and compelling that it is hard to conclude anything but manipulation. It is beyond credulity to conclude other than two or three banks caused one of the most severe price collapses in precious metals history. The CFTC has a lot to answer for as the regulatory agency responsible for preventing this type of blatant manipulation.

No, the CFTC will NOT name the two banks in question.

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