David Morgan: Is This the Bottom?

For you silver investors, the latest from David Morgan “The Silver Investor.”

It has been busy to say the least, many have asked if this is THE bottom?

No one can state for certain but I will say I do think this is it, I have been looking for a spike low in silver and gold. This is certainly a spike low, the question becomes is this it and do we go up from here?

I think we do and now is a good time to finish your buying in metals, and mining shares. I would want to see a few more days of trading to think that my analysis is verified, but time will tell. My personal plan is to be able to buy over the next two months. I did purchase some physical silver today, and also bought PAAS and SLW on the open. I am off about 4% on each of those by the close.

This is NOT the time to fear, but to act. All of the financial problems we have discussed in The Morgan Report for the past several years are not mentioned in the daily mainstream press. It looks like a double August bottom to me, I know of no other sector (commodities) that will do better for the times ahead, the shift has occurred just as I forecast in the year 2000 the world is moving from a time of buying things they want to buying things they NEED! Commodities are needed by us all.

◊◊◊◊ Now: Gold @ $827.90, Silver @ $14.92, USDX @ 76.27 ◊◊◊◊


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