9/11 Bldg 7 “Mystery” Collapse Solved

When Building 7 collapsed late in the afternoon on 9/11 many thought it looked like a controlled demolition. The building owner, Larry Silverstein, even admitted as much during a TV interview. He also received a total of $4,600,000,000 in insurance payouts for the WTC disaster on an investment of $124 million (a stellar return of 37,000 % on his investment in 6 months).

But, oddly enough, the official government report on 9/11 failed to mention Building 7 at all. It offered no explanation why a building with contained fires, on only 2 of 47 floors, would collapse.

Independent accredited researchers have found traces of thermite in dust around the building and in the molten steel under the remains. Thermite is used in a controlled demolition to cut the support beams.

But now the government has announced the “official” reason for the collapse: a brand new, never-seen-before phenomenon they’ve dubbed “thermal expansion.”

You can amuse yourself with the whole story here. If you think this is ridiculous, you’re in good company. Over 430 architectural and engineering professionals agree with you.


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