A Visit to APMEX Headquarters

Ever wonder what APMEX’s physical headquarters looks like? Melinda and I are taking a quick trip down to Texas for a few days to see a college buddy of mine who can cure the strangest things with a new technique called NET. This doc rocks!

We were driving within a few miles of the APMEX location in Edmond, OK (just north of Oklahoma City). I thought I’d stop in and say “hi” to the folks.

They’re located in a *very* nice part of town. We took in some beautiful architecture on our way in. Very swanky! Their storefront is sited in the “Market Depot” strip mall. I couldn’t find it at first as the name above their door is “Edmund Coin”, not APMEX.

I walked in and asked, “Is this APMEX?”

“Sure is!”, said the friendly guy behind the counter, busy sorting what looked to be a small stack of silver dollars. He pointed to the APMEX logo on his shirt as proof. I snapped a pic of it. Cool. Thanks for indulging me! (At least this time we didn’t have to have Alaric snap the picture because the rest of us were too embarrassed! Remember?)

I was introduced around to five or six staff members and told them my story about buying silver back when it was $7/oz. They wanted to know if I was selling any..they’re definitely looking to buy as they are running very low.

Says I, “No way. I’m holding on to mine until the big meltdown in 2011.” Another customer sitting at the counter asked what I meant. Melinda warned him, “Don’t get him started!”

I ignored her and jumped in with a quick synopsis. “The money powers behind the government are engineering a financial collapse of the US economy. It’s happening now and I believe they plan to have it complete in 2011. Then, during the ensuing social and economic chaos, they can take over.”

The customer was worried that meant a “cashless society.” In retrospect I see he could have meant nobody in the US will have any cash. But I think he meant all transactions will be electronic. God save us if that happens and they contract with Microsoft to administer the program!

The staff then showered me with gifts: a bag of chocolate APMEX coins, a nice quality APMEX pen, some post-it note pads and even a million dollar bill. Very generous, if you ask me!

Before I left I asked them, “My friends and I have talked about making a roadtrip down here to sell all our silver once it hits its highs. Do we bring it right here to this location?”

“Yep, and if it’s a big load we’ll have you back up to our loading dock around back!”

Looks like it’s all set, Kevin and James! Hey, J-Boy, count you in, too? Hi ho silver, away!

◊◊◊◊ Now: Gold @ $803.40, Silver @ $12.89, USDX @ 78.03 ◊◊◊◊
◊◊◊◊ Now: DJIA 11,532.88


20 Responses

  1. I don’t usually comment but I gotta state appreciate it for the post on this perfect one : D.

  2. APMEX is bad news, keep away from them. Bad website, confusing policies not obviously posted, customer service no help, usually over priced. You can do better elsewhere.

    • That’s funny. I’ve never found a better place. I’ve never found a better web site. I’ve never found significantly cheaper prices. And I’ve bought thousands of ounces of silver. Joe might theoretically give me a negligibly better spot, but Joe Shmoe never has more than an extremely limited supply.

      I notice you don’t offer a better alternative. Because it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. APMEX can fill virtually any sized order, for thousands of different products. Despite the rumors, they never run out, and they get the stuff to your door within 72 hours.

      About the only complaint I could really make is that they say, “As low as $1.49 over spot,” or whatever, and that price is for 250 oz. or over. And is for check wire only. And the price for a more ordinary order might be $1.79 or $1.89 over spot, or as high as $2.49 if by credit card or PayPal. Either way though, their premiums are always the typical going rate, and commensurate with any other reputable and fair broker.

      I have a feeling that you are talking out your ass. Either out of ignorance, or some special interest motive.

  3. What happened to your blog? No posts since ????

  4. Hey APMEX, sent the UK some PM. These guys are good folks stuck in a bad situation over there. But only AFTER I get all the silver that Im after. A BUNCH!! Thanks APMEX.

  5. I have started ordering on a regular basis from Apmex. They ship fast compared to the first company I started dealing with. Goldline always waits 28 days before shipping. I have always gotten my orders from Apmex in about a week, packed well and and a card from the packer and shipper. Completly satisfied with them

  6. A few of the images on your site seem broken. I think you should fix them :)

  7. I love APMEX !!!
    I have ordered lots of bullion from them and what a quick & great service. Their prices are the best and I got all my shipping before time. I had ordered few things during Christmas time and I was surprised when it was delivered before 25th Dec. Thank you APMEX for great prices and excellent service !!!

  8. These folks truely are awesome.

    Every order handled professionally, quickly and accurately.

    Never a 2nd thought about using them; I purchase small quantities from them always and they treat me like a royal customer.

  9. Be careful with these guys. They’ve gotten awfully slow at shipping. Right now, I’m out over $3,000. They were supposed to ship my product nearly a week ago. I’m concerned that they might not have the stock to back up the purchases.

  10. Thing I don’t like about Apmex is how they adjust their %over spot to adjust prices. I never know if it will be cheaper the next day because they cut their %over spot by half or not. I also thought they were massaging words when they said you get a 3% discount for not using a credit card. It’s not a discount at all but a 3% fee for using a credit card. The service was smooth and professional however so I’ll probably order from them again.

    For some reason, I thought APMEX would look like a warehouse but it looks like an office with a bunch of boxes.

  11. I’ve never had better customer service from any online company. The shipping is outstanding with a packing system that is second to none. Grew up in Oklahoma and would say this is a state treasure.

  12. Thats the best field trip ever!!!!! Crazy to see their “secret layer.”

    They are a great company.

  13. scott please could you ask apmex to start shipping to the uk? there is no where over the pond with that stock list at those prices! it hurts looking at their web site.

    pretty please

  14. After prolonged shipment dates from nwtmint I will be using Apmex in the near future

  15. Thanks for sharing the visit to Apmex. One always wonders what the “bricks & mortor” side of a web merchant is or isn’t! I’m very happy with the few purchases I’ve made through Apmex, no funny stuff! I really like the way their website is organized too. Only thing is, they’ll have to hire their own army to guard the site if/when PMs explode in value!

  16. Wow, I did not know you went to Apmex, way cool. When silver hits it’s high it looks like we really will be backing up the truck. To unload that is. :o)


  17. Thanks for the nice article about one of my favorite PM dealers!

  18. Thanks for visiting us at APMEX. We love meting our customers and thanks for all of the nice things that you said about working with us. We appreciate it very much!


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