Say It Ain’t So, Warren

The headline reads, “Buffett to Invest $5 Billion in Goldman Sachs Group” [link]

For years Warren Buffet, probably the world’s most respected investor, has warned about the derivitives mess that has decimated our economy. The quote in the photo is from his 2002 Annual Report.

But now he’s jumping into beleagured Goldman Sachs with $5 billion. Why would he do this when these people are some of the people behind this whole derivitives mess and meltdown?

Just when I convince myself he really is indeed a good guy he goes off and does this and also says the gov’t bailout is a “good idea.”

And, let’s not forget about 9/11. Circumstantial evidence (or strange coincidences) lead me to believe he knew about 9/11 before it happened.

1) The president of one of his subsidiaries (Anne Tatlock of Fiduciary Trust Co. International) had left New York early on the morning of 9/11 and was able to watch plane #2 plow into her very office in the WTC from the safety of an underground bunker in Omaha. (She was “attending a meeting” with Warren at Offutt Air Force Base the morning of 9/11.) [link]

2) The plane that went down in Shanksville, PA (most likely shot down) was being surveilled by a corporate jet that was recording its cockpit transmissions. The jet was owned by Net Jets, a company owned by Warren. [link]


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