Get Ready 2 Run 2 Your Bank

I am afraid.

Things feel very wrong right now. With the President’s signing of the Bankster Bailout Bill today I fear an irrevocable step has been taken in the destruction of our country and our way of life.


It seems to me this bill is the final piece the Hidden Powers need to cement their control of this country, our economy and the middle class. It gives unprecendented, unsupervised, dictatorial power to the Executive Branch: to our Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson. The Hidden Powers can now spend whatever amounts they wish for what ever reason they wish. Our Senate and our House have betrayed their country.

I think this is it. The fuse has been lit. It’s sparking quickly towards the explosive charge that’s been duct-taped to our economy.

I think we will be looking at widespread economic turmoil. I expect to see massive bank closings and “bank holidays” within two weeks, maybe as soon as next Tuesday.

Our money will be trapped in our accounts and we won’t be able to get to it. ATMs will be inoperable. If we don’t have cash on hand we may not be buying food, gas, medicine and neccessities. I wouldn’t be surprised to see credit card transactions stopped temporarily.

I’m in Wyoming today for a funeral. Yesterday my credit card was declined trying to fill up with gas; a “security hold” had been placed on it, freezing all transactions. When Melinda called 1st Nat’l they said it was on hold “because you filled up with gas twice in the same day.” It’s easy to feel vulnerable when you’re miles away from home and the “trusty card” fails you.

Magnify this feeling ten-fold for what’s about to hit us.

How will you feel if you can’t get to your money? What will you do?


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