Dollar Death Warning

OK, this is getting interesting now. The chances of a complete collapse of the US Dollar that leads to its replacement with a new, re-valued American currency (say, “Amero” perhaps?) have increased.

I know, this sounds completely unthinkable.

But would you have believed me a year ago if I said:
– the stock market would be down 40%,
– the nation’s largest mortgage company will die (Countrywide),
– the nation’s largest insurer will die (AIG),
– the nation’s first money market fund will go under,
– the nation’s largest bank failure will happen (WaMu),
– the nation’s largest bankruptcy will occur (Lehman Bros),
– Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac will go belly-up,
– 13 banks will fail, including Wachovia and IndyMac,
– All Wall Street investment banks will be dead or dying (Lehman, Merrill, Bear, Goldman, Morgan)

So, suspend your disbelief for a moment and consider these four data points suggesting a total collapse of the dollar:

1) Jim Sinclair (hero) has outlined how the dollar will be re-valued once it drops below USDX 0.52 [link]. He expects this to happen no later than January 14, 2011.

2) George Green (hero), millionaire insider and former investment banker/real estate mogul, had lunch last month with an unnamed Congressman. He was told “In six months you won’t recognize the American currency.” This implies a total collpase and replacement of the dollar by the last week in March 2009. 

3) Roger Weigand, 40-year veteran of the precious metals markets and editor of the Trader Tracks newsletter, had this to say in a new interview [link].

“I have word from a high-level official the dollar and our currency systems are going to breakdown before January 15th. I hope it doesn’t happen, but that’s my contact’s prognosis has been correct 99 times out of 100. That’s pretty scary.”
TGR: So if the system breaks down then what?
RW: “The dollar, bonds, and non-precious metals shares will tank. We’ll have massive inflation, prices will go up, the economy will stagnate, and a lot of businesses will grind to a halt. That’s a depression, not a recession.”
TGR: What will gold do?
RW: “Gold will skyrocket.”

4)  The predictive linguistic work of has indicated for more than a year of a ‘death of the dollar’ event to play out in some November of an unknown year. This technique is gaining credibility as it was used to predict the Christmas Tsunami a few years back and the China earthquake two months ago. They are now seeing a 5-month long period of increasingly dire financial and military events leading up to “The Summer From Hell” in 2009.

Update 10/19/2008: I just ran across a tidbit from the Predictive Linguistics guys at HalfPastHuman:
“If you want to put temporal markers out there, do something that’s big and happening soon enough – like the ‘things go badly for American expatriates”…that one is going big and coming really fast…should peak in about two months and then fade off into late February.”
“Dollar collapse means ‘Ugly American’ labels, more like it.  By March 2009 the issue fades under the other bigger items which will impact by March-April 2009, most likely.”

When we’re under a prolonged “bank holiday”, the markets are in a death spiral, inflation is going nuts and the good ol’ greenback is used to line your birdcage, you can still “stand fast against the crash of breaking worlds.” Calmly open up your safe and gaze on your store of true wealth: gold and silver bullion.

Update 10/20/2008: The Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin has issued a strongly-worded warning about the impending demise of the US economy next summer, including the death of the dollar. [read more]

Check this out: Hyperinflation: What It Looks Like


11 Responses

  1. stock up on all the gold and silver you can, but knowthis, ith no currency in effect when the dollar crashes, you will be very hungry when grocery stores become nonexistant and you have no way of getting to food….unless you have good ground and good seed. Keep all your gold and silver and I’ll kep my land that can grow food. If you have no land but plenty of gold and silver, I will exchnge food for your gold or silver. But what happens when you run out of gold and silver with food prices out of reach for most people? Buy some land NOW!!!!

    • Buying silver and gold is a good thing unless this federal government should initiate a cheaper intrinsic value for its new currency. Then what will you do? Remember this, you can’t go wrong with buying land that will grow food. Oh yes, I almost forgot. You need to stock up on good seed, seed that has not been genetically altered. Folks this could not be more serious. If you have no lad that will grow food, you may well end up in a soup line and paying for it…..with your precious gold and silver, which will go very fast, so do the wise thing now, if there is still time to do so. I’ve often wondered this, about precious metals. If gold was $3,000.00 an ounce, is that value in dollars based upon the value of what a REAL DOLLAR IS WORTH, or is it based upon the current worth of the fiat dollar of today? This is good food for thought, use it wisely.

    • This isn’t really an either (land) or (gold/silver) scenario. Both asset classes are needed to manage the potential risks of the scenario predicted here.

      You can go just as wrong buying only land and seed as buying only gold and silver, especially in a climate where mass hunger, suffering and discontent could easily become of greater concern than defending individual property rights.

      The oversight I see in the argument for land only is that land isn’t portable. You can’t pick it up and move it. If “for the good of the masses” and in order to combat “price gouging”, land is nationalized(confiscated), or property taxes are simply raised to levels which make it impossible for someone to hold onto and work the land, the owner is left holding an empty bag with no way to rebuild or acquire necessities.

      Portable assets, durable goods that retain value, and land that produces consumable goods (food), are 3 classes, all of which are prudent to acquire serving different but nonetheless important purposes than the others.

      The last assertion to be addressed is that people will have “plenty of gold and silver’ to buy limited food. There is less gold and silver available than land. It is the very nature of gold and silver not being plentiful that makes them portable and durable stores of value in relation to other more abundant assets. It is why gold and silver are the comparative benchmarks that asset values are determined in relation to one another. Finally, it is why gold and silver are lasting money and can still be used to trade albeit indirectly for national currencies, food, clothing, land, houses, cars, laptops, cell phones, video games, furniture, performing arts, etc, etc, etc.

  2. Right: and Brazil, a country of 20 mm people that exports most of what it produces will “surpass” the US economy by 2012. Get Real. The Brazilians would never spend any blood or treasure defending anyone but themselves. If WWIII broke out tomorrow, they would run tail between legs back to the Amazon. Just settle down everyone: the Brazilians (I promise) are not leading any New World Order.

  3. The dollar measured by the ETF “UUP” has just broken a resistance level down!

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