Bailout Charade: The Hidden Reason Why

So, the Treasury, the Fed & the Prez all said we HAD to have the $700 billion Bankster Bailout ($850 billion after added pork).

But consider these facts:
1) Treasury Secretary Paulson admitted the $700 billion bailout amount was made up. [1]
2) The Fed & Treasury spent an extra $630 billion ON THE DAY the bailout was first rejected by Congress WITHOUT congressional approval. [2]
3) The Fed loaned banks and wall street buddies an average of $188 billion A DAY, without Congressional approval, in the week before the Bankster Bailout was introduced. [3] 

If they don’t need Congressional approval to spend trillions of dollars to bail out their bankster and wall street friends, why go through the charade of passing a bill?

I’ll tell you why.

Read the fine print. The Hidden Powers who control the country got something they really wanted. Something essential in their quest to cripple this nation as a prelude to creating a One World Gov’t and One World Bank.

They have now transferred unprecedented financial power in the Executive branch. The Treasury Secretary has sole authority to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars to whomever he wants, for whatever reason he wants, without oversight.

WAIT, you say. My Senator assured me they have oversight. That’s why they passed it.
NO, I say, he lied. The bill does say there is oversight BUT it is rescinded a few paragraphs later in special language. Section 119 (a) (2) (A) negates prosecution of the Treasury Secretary. [4]

Our Founding Fathers created three branches of government (Legislative, Judicial, Executive) to act as a check and balance to each other. Reserved for Congress was the power to create money, spend money, and declare war.

Over the years:
1) Congress lost the power to create money (The Federal Reserve, a private central bank, has it now. Strangely enough, on 6/4/1963 JFK signed Executive Order #11110 to return this power to the Congress and abolish the Fed. He was assassinated five months later. No additional action was ever taken. [5]);
2) Congress has lost the power to declare war (the Bush doctrine stipulates we can attack anyone for any reason without asking Congress first); and
3) Congress has now given the Executive Branch the power to spend money (at least $700 billion) as it likes.

Since the Executive Branch already has the authority to manipulate the stock market and gold/silver with their “Plunge Protection Team,” all they needed was the money to make it happen on an even larger scale. [6]

Now they have the money to do it.

And, lest you think they’re only trying to “prop things up” consider this: the PPT is hiding behind JPMorgan Chase Bank [JPMorgan Is Fed’s Fair-Haired Golden Boy] to crash and suppress gold and silver prices, as admitted by the CFTC. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is supposed to be the watchdog. Unfortunately for us, the CFTC is part of the PPT. They look the other way if the PPT is doing the market manipulation.

Why drive down the price of gold and silver? I’ll give you two reasons:
1) Gold is the “anti-dollar.” If the dollar is strong, gold is weak. And vice versa. If you’re gonna be printing a ton of new dollars ($2.3 trillion plus!) this inflation will weaken the dollar UNLESS you can crash the gold price. It hides what you’re doing to the dollar [Dollar Death Warning].
2) Bonus: If you’re the multi-millionaire Secretary of the Treasury (Paulson himself is worth $500 million) and you want to help your bankster friends get all their money out of the markets and into the world’s safest inflation hedge (gold/silver), why not help ’em buy it cheap?

“Hmm…” I hear you say, “interesting info but what do I do about it?”

I can’t tell you what to do (I don’t know your personal situation) but here’s what I’ve done. I’m following the lead of Paulson’s bankster friends: I’ve pulled my money out of the markets, out of my 401Ks (no inflation protection there), and put it into gold and silver. [Smart Money Is Running to Gold] NOT GLD and SLV but real, physical metal.

If you get silver and gold, quickly, while it’s still cheap, you’ll be ready for the coming price explosion. [Gold Rocket on Launching Pad]

Please protect yourself and your family.

[1] Read paragragh seven of this Forbes article.
[2] Read the first paragragh of this Bloomberg article.
[3] Read the first paragragh in this Reuters article.
[4] Read the Bankster Bailout Bill in its entirety online.
[5] Read JFK vs the Federal Reserve.
[6] Read the WikiPedia article on the PPT and what it did Oct 6.


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