Morgan’s “10 Rules of Silver”

Now is a good time to recall hero David Morgan’s tried-and-true “10 Rules of Silver Investing“, especially the first one:

Rule # 1. When ALL else fails, there is silver.

“No one likes to be a prophet of doom, but the simple truth is that silver is the world’s money of last resort. Should a severe economic collapse occur, leaving paper assets worthless, silver will be primary currency for purchase of goods and services. (Gold will be a store of major wealth, but will be priced too high for day-to-day use.) Thus, every investor should own some physical silver-and store a portion of it where it’s accessible in an emergency.”

Mr. Morgan knows silver like Jim Sinclair knows gold.


One Response

  1. A great place to save in silver is at You can open a free silver savings account and accumulate silver on a regular basis. David Morgan even vouched for the place and has an account there, so you know it’s legit. Check it out and let me know what you think. Take care.

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