Alert: Poisoned Halloween Candy

A professional toy designer, Mike Mozart, has just posted a video warning about Halloween candy that is poisoned with melamine. If your kids eat this they may suffer kidney problems. Your kids may even die. 

Melamine is a low-grade poison that the body can’t flush out easily. Like lead, it builds up in the body, especially the kidneys. It may not be immediately fatal. It is very dangerous over time, as it builds in concentration. It is most dangerous to younger children who have less body mass.

This is potentially very serious.

You have probably heard of Chinese manufaturers deliberately adding melamine to infant formula and, last year, pet food. (Melamine tests as “protein.” It’s cheaper to add this low-grade poison to food than real, natural protein.)

It killed and injured thousands of children there.

What you don’t know – because the FDA and others don’t want you to know – is that as much as 20 million TONS of Chinese manufactured milk powder and products containing milk powder were imported into the US from China this year.

Read the next part very carefully:

The US…is the ONLY country (including China)…

that has NOT pulled food products containing milk powder manufactured in China off its shelves.

Please re-reread the previous paragraph carefully.

The person blowing the whistle on this is an expert in toy manufacturing who stumbled on this while researching this season’s Halloween candy offerings. He has found candy manufactured in China with milk powder widely being sold in US stores, like Target.

What to do: check the candy packaging for “Made in China” AND for one of these ingredients “Milk Powder,” “Milk Protein,” “Lactic Acid,” or “Casein.” If found, DO NOT BUY and if your kids get some for Halloween DO NOT EAT.

These are the ingredients that were contaminated with melamine and melamine scrap. Melamine scrap may have included industrial solvents, chemicals and petroleum additives. It’s dangerous stuff. We had a friend whose chocolate lab was killed by tainted dog food last year. It was sad to hear him describe how Taffy whimpered and, finally, succumbed to the poisoned dog food. [more]

Please email this to anyone you care about. 
I created a special “short link” to make it easier to read over the phone:


2 Responses

  1. The following link will provide folks with everything they need to know about Target. It contains several posts from the topix blog including a couple from yours truly.
    Most importantly it contains enough links to show the truly dark side of a very mean corporation.

  2. Their was a video on You Tube that pointed to Target as the worst offender of the Melamine. What happened to it? I still have the link. It indicated Target ignored inquires in regards to their melamine use. In recent years Target has shown blatant disregard to consumers, not only with melamine, but with pesticides, PVC and other toxins.

    My organization called Citizens United Against Corporate Corruption is spreading the word, so the public can give retailers a wake up call by boycotting all Target Stores.

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