Y the Gold & Silver Takedown?

This snippet is from Bob Chapman, editor of The International Forecaster. He knows what’s going on behind the scenes and he’s not afraid to yak about it. **This is an important article.**

We’ll give you three good reasons why gold is not performing as it should under the current circumstances:  
1st reason:  manipulation.  
2nd reason:  rampant manipulation.  
3rd reason:  incessant, nonstop, unabated, fiendish manipulation.  

Remember, these evil Illuminist miscreants know, by virtue of owning, via bribe and/or compromise, most, if not all, of the relevant market owners, managers and regulators, as well as most of the relevant judges and politicians who oversee these markets, the precise trading positions for every major player in the market, including, but not limited to, commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, pension funds and endowments.  

Also remember, they are the ones that sold most of the toxic waste and credit risk insurance that now plagues the market, and, in fact, they are the ones who created it.  And, yes, despite what they tell you, they even know, to a degree, where many of the losses lie for subprime derivatives and credit default swaps, but they of course won’t tell you that they know.

Now that these thermonuclear devices have detonated and wiped out trillions of asset value around the world, and destroyed the retirement plans of hundreds of millions of people, they now plead ignorance about these admittedly complicated instruments of mass financial destruction, saying that they were too Byzantine for anyone to understand.  While they may not have understood every term and phrase, they most assuredly knew all the basics, and don’t let them tell you any differently.


Therefore, ergo, because they know everyone’s trading positions and the precise location of most of the toxic waste and credit default swap counterparty liability, they were able to orchestrate a pinpoint takedown of those institutions that were expendable, and sent them unceremoniously into bankruptcy and/or liquidation in order to start the big October Surprise, thus creating an immensely negative market scenario which has include forced de-leveraging, panicked asset liquidations under duress to meet margin calls, an unwinding of the yen carry trade and a sense of mass panic and fear which they knew would give them leverage to force the Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan down the throats of taxpayers.  


Such liquidations, fear and panic have also served to eliminate a goodly portion of the non-Illuminist market participants, especially hedge funds and weaker banks that were not part of their conspiracy, or that were not in favor of their agenda to implement world government by destroying the old economic and financial systems of the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, and well-established western nations in general.  They also appear to be intent on imploding Russia and OPEC nations with their attack on oil, thus damaging their sovereign wealth funds and preventing them from diversifying out of the dollar and into precious metals.

Seriously, you gotta read the whole thing. Take your time, read it twice. It explains:
1) Why the “experts” are so seemingly stupid; 
2) Who’s really pulling Paulson & Bernanke’s strings;
3) What these “Shadow Powers” are really in the midst of achieving.

Bob also voices the chilling possibility the Shadow Powers (aka “Illuminati”) may be readying to buy up the major gold/silver producers so they can directly control the price by hoarding production. 

You need to know these things.

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