EZ Way 2 Tell If Obama Will B Different

Will an Obama presidency be substantially different from, say, the criminal Bush43 presidency, or, if he’d won, a criminal McCain one?

C’mon, you know what I think… the **position** of POTUS (President of the United States) is the most powerful leadership mantle in the world. But–the **person** who occupies the POTUS position is **not** all that powerful. POTUS is a figurehead for the masses (us), but in all things significant he does the bidding of the Shadow Powers.

So, will Obama be different? Does he possess a secret immunity to the Shadow Powers?

Here’s any easy way to tell even before he takes office: watch who he names as the new Secretary of the Treasury.

The Treasury Sec heads up the Plunge Protection Team and is responsible for manipulating the markets and precious metals to manage the collapse on behalf of the Shadow Powers. The Shadow Powers use JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs for their proxy in market manipulation.

If the newly-named Sec Treas has either of these two bully-banks on his or her resume GAME OVER. An Obama presidency will be business as usual.

P.S. Remember, with the Democrats in control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency they allegedly have the power to do what the people want: bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. If WtP (We the People) are still in control of our gov’t they can get this done by January 31.

They won’t.

Peace will NOT suddenly break out. They will have excuses: they always do. It’s too late now to save this country, the collapse must run its course first. Then WtP can rebuild anew. It’ll be painful, and although WtP of these United States will be half as wealthy we’ll be twice as spiritual.

***UPDATE: 11/13/2008.
Check out this
Bloomberg story. It says, in part:

Obama’s Bailout Bunch Brings Us More of the Same: Jonathan Weil
…by my tally, almost half the people on Obama’s economic advisory board have held fiduciary positions at companies that, to one degree or another, either fried their financial statements, helped send the world into an economic tailspin, or both. Do you think any of that came up in the vetting? [

Many of them should be getting subpoenas as material witnesses right about now, not places in Obama’s inner circle. Did Obama learn nothing from the ill-fated choice of James Johnson, the former Fannie Mae boss, to lead his vice- presidential search committee?

***UPDATE: 11/24/2008.
It’s official: Timothy Geithner is
named treasury secretary.  He does NOT have Goldman Sachs on his resume. He does NOT have JPMorgan Chase on his resume. Unfortunately for “we the people” he is currently employed as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York AND as Vice Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee. He is still an INSIDER and has been instrumental in creating the “Housing Bubble” through his advocation of prolonged low interest rates.

It looks like “business as usual” in the Obama administration, to me.


6 Responses

  1. It’s looking like crunch time for equities again after the US had a second session in a row when the action simply collapsed into the close with no apparent trigger. Bears are understandably very nervous after last Thursday’s whiplash 11%

  2. Obama will certainly fail that test, and most other tests from those expecting real change – he is a small reformer, not a revolutionary. He’s out to create a “consensus” with Nazi war criminals like Robert Gates instead of shipping them to The Hague, and he possibly even believes that is the way to bring about change (because it stands a chance of not being repealed when Palin takes over in 2012 or so).

    That said, however, he will be different. Just not as different as he would have to be in order to be good.

    I do expect him to repeal some of the most extreme Bush measures, such as torture and conviction without trial, and I can’t see him plotting another 9/11 (though maybe looking away if the CIA does).

    Basically, Obama means “back to the Clinton years” — certainly not a great prospect, but at least a step forward from 8 years of Bushitler (which John McBush would have continued without any change at all).

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  4. WRH has no comments section open to debate, same as usa,nobody can object too lies in time to stop them or reverse the crooks telling the lies, CUMON OBAMA put the bush crooks away before they pardon themselves and show a little backbone!
    or is this really yitish for OBAMANATION!

  5. Obama is not really a colored person but a cross breed between white and colored parents. I know this b/c I seen what their offsprings look like when they have mixed parents. Their genetic characters are curly hair and tan like skin; a very attractive feature for females. Do you think that Mariah Carey is white? How about Jasmine Guy being colored?

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