Hyperinflation: What It Looks Like

Zimbabwe inflation is running at over 200 million per cent. Unemployment is at 80%. Check out  these pix from Boncherry.com:

This poor guy’s going to do the week’s shopping at the supermarket. All that cash is worth less than $100 USD. A few months later inflation has driven up the price of this dinner for one to a shade over 1.2 billion Zimbabwe dollars. Before tip!

Want a new T shirt? Too bad you waited a few weeks…it’ll cost you 3 billion Zimbabwe dollars after tax!

What should the government do about this rampant inflation? I know, print up more money:
Say hello to the new 100 billion dollar note! You know your currency’s in trouble when you have to put the month, day AND year on it!

And it still ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on!

But don’t be too quick to laugh. We in the US are looking a some serious inflation heading our way as well. Dollar Death Warning


3 Responses

  1. we are heading for finacial break down this is prophecy bein forfilled in the book of revealation trust in christ and not money. money is a false security

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