!Cheap Silver Eagles!

Silver American EagleI doubt this will last. This may be one of the last chances you’ll have to buy this most desirable form of silver (purity guaranteed by US Gov’t + it’s legal tender*.) Don at ColradoGold is a good, trustworthy guy. I’ve bought from him for three years without any problems. (Please avoid Northwest Territorial Mint and Kitco.)


Colorado Gold Special

Silver American Eagle Monster Box of 500Remember, Don’s talkin’ about the Monster Green Boxes straight from the US mint. These contain 500 silver eagles each. These have been sold by reputable dealers for as much as $7.00 over spot within the last 30 days. With silver at $9.89 right now that puts each box at ($9.89 + $4.50 + 1.5% S&H) x 500 = $7,305.

BTW, APMEX has silver eagles for sale in smaller quanities starting at $5.99 over spot in sleeves of 20. I have purchased over $100K from them over the years, always great people to deal with.

*IRS has ruled that the 1 oz Silver Eagle and 1 oz Gold Eagle are taxed at their FACE value of $1 and $50 respectively when received as a gift or as payment for goods and services. A guy in San Francisco is already advertising an apartment for 60 Silver Eagles per month. He will only have to claim $60 rental income per month to the IRS.

A cool loophole for future bartering arrangements, etc.


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  1. Scott,

    I purchased one of the 100 green boxes available from ColoradoGold this morning. I dealt with Melissa, Don’s daughter, in New York. She is just as nice as her dad and was a delight to work with. However, I plan on selling these zilver eagles on eBay, as there is quite a mark up on eBay. You can’t really go by Kitco’s ticker any more as that is the “paper” price. eBay seems to be a better indication of what people are really willing to spend for physical metals!!!


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