What’s Coming R Way

Please take reasonable precautions soon.

1) Big Market Meltdown started last Wed. When it was at 8,500 I predicted it would drop 2,000 pts. to 6,500 B4 Christmas. 
2) Don’t forget the 75% chance of two big quakes in mid-Dec, one in CA.
3) followed by “a major crisis/test of Obama” shortly after Jan. 20th, then
4) a late-winter and spring of steadily-worsening economic news, resulting in
5) the “summer from hell” with riots in the US, worst inflation in history, widespread unemployment.

Please prepare yourself for your family’s sake.

Deflation is king for rest of 2008. Massive inflation is headed our way in 2009.

Silver EagleThe best inflation hedges are physical assets. The most portable of these is gold, silver and diamonds. Diamonds are tough to value. Gold & silver are simple.

Trade your cash for 1 oz coins issued by the US Mint for highest safety. Percentage-wise silver will climb higher than gold as it is more rare (for the first time in history!). By 2011 gold will triple and silver will go up 10x from today’s prices. It may happen much sooner.

Don’t fret too much, just make preparations while there’s time. By 2012, Americans will be half as wealthy but twice as spiritual. Nice trade-off.


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