Shadow Powers Plan for 2011

Q: Why is my blog called Meltdown2011 instead of Meltdown2012 or even, as another reader suggested, Meltdown2008?

A: The Shadow Powers are in control and they are executing a century-long plan for global domination that, I believe, culminates in 2011.

“Their” Plan
shadow-powers-group_v2This plan has been adapted to account for a chilling discovery they made about five decades ago: this planet would face an inter-related series of “natural” disasters that would reach a crescendo in 2012 with an “extinction level event.” With this impending earth-shaking cataclysm, most life on the face of the earth will be wiped out.

No, actually, I’m not making this up.

They believed the only safe rufuge would be underground. They also believe they’re superior to 99% of humanity, whom they treat as “useless eaters,” “sheople” (sheep+people), or “human resources.” Just “things” to be lead or used as needed. Further, the Shadow Powers realized that only a fraction of us “human resources” would be needed to provide for them in sustainable underground shelters.

The current (late 2008) financial crisis, as bad as it is, is not accidental. It is planned. It is further planned that current events are only one part of a “slow-motion” controlled meltdown of global financial systems, in concert with *provoked* and ever-increasing civil unrest and military confrontation. The final, intended result is significant worldwide population reduction to a “manageable” level with extensive monitoring and granular control over those souls remaining.

No, actually, I’m still not making this up.

The Shadow Powers see this as being necessary preparation for living together in subterranean confined quarters.

With the remaining population “softened up” by a tsunami of fear and confusion, Humanity will cry out for safety, security and reassurance that someone can help. We, the huddled masses of Humanity, will beg for leadership. Their kind of “leadership.” All according to “their” plan.

About this time the clock ticks over to 2011.

The Shadow Powers then plan to unveil themselves as the Global Ruling Elite of a Sustainable Subterranean Earth.

*** *** *** *** ***

Please don’t “shoot the messenger.” I do not endorse these nefarious plans, even if they do read like a rejected “B-movie” plot. I do not believe we face an extinction level event in 2012.

The Silver Lining
Actually, I believe their Grand Plan will fail. They have overestimated their ability to handle unexpected events. They have underestimated us. They haven’t planned on the intervention of “white hats” within their ranks who will rise up and do the right and honorable thing in the nick of time. (Remember that flap over nukes being flown from North Dakota to Louisiana last year? The white hats in the military interceded. They prevented a false-flag attack to embroil us in an Iranian war. Looks like this op took some lives, too.)

As a great man predicted in 1951, “A great depression is coming. You have no idea how bad it’ll get. You don’t know what a terrible cataclysm is coming!” Paramhansa Yogananda. But he also stated that the coming upheavals will eventually produce an era of worldwide peace and prosperity. “Americans will become half as wealthy but twice as spiritual,”

Of America’s financial future he warned, “The next depression will be far worse than that of the 1930s. The dollar won’t be worth the paper it is printed on.”

After the coming disasters,” Paramhansa Yogananda prophesied, “humanity will have grown so tired of violence that it will live in peace for three hundred years.” It will be, he said, a new and wonderful world.

Scott Gallup