How 2 Track COMEX Deliveries

While we wait to see if we can Bust the COMEX and end the gold & silver price manipulation a question arises: how do we know how much gold and silver are being requested for delivery by futures traders?

Answer: The answer is updated daily here: 


This report is updated each trading day by COMEX. “GC” is the gold contract, “SI” is the silver contract and “HG” is copper. Note this example is for the Nov 2008 contracts. On Nov 28, 2008 (a.k.a. “First Notice Day”) this report will start showing requested deliveries for the Dec 2008 contracts.

The last day to request delivery of Dec 2008 gold is Dec 29, 2008. (How are the trading dates set? [link])

You can track COMEX warehouse inventory levels here:

Link to master list of COMEX reports: 

More info:

How close is COMEX to going bust? Answer: Vaporize COMEX CountDOWN

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  1. Scott, wouldn’t it be something if we could establish and promote a legal fund through your site or maybe David Morgan’s that would offer a reward to any individual or individuals that would come forward and expose this obvious Comex crime in progress. We could get this out to all the big PM sites and ask for donations to a registered account. No one to date has offered this idea so far, but I think it could work, as there are many people interested in the outcome. There has to be a few underlings working at the Fed, Comex, etc. that are aware of the crime but have not considered coming forward and testifying with info that could really bust this crime in progress.

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