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Week of Nov 24

What U Need 2 Know

matl-success-thru-yoga100x160This weekend I finished re-reading the booklet that first got me started in the whole possibility of a “meltdown.” I first read it July 2005 and began research to confirm/refute it. What i found seemed to support its warnings.

Then I copied the “juicy” parts and presented it to my employees to encourage them to think about preparing. I haven’t read it since early 2006. Whoa! It really seems prescient in its details, and parts of it come from predictions made in 1951 by my guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

Well, I just sent off an $1,800 order for a year’s supply of freeze-dried food, some N95 anti-virus masks and a gravity-feed water filtration device.

It “feels” to me like things are starting to get serious. I had finished all my financial preps in July, paid off all debt except for our house, pulled most of our money out of the bank in October. We’ve been stockpiling the prescription meds we need. Earlier this month I finally got a large propane tank to replace the little 50 gallon job we had. (I want enough fuel to run our fireplaces for a couple months, if needed.)

That left the non-perishable food, a potable water source, avian flu/pandemic prep masks, electric generator, nuclear prep (potassium iodide tablets and fallout shelter materials) and, possibly, some firearms. Well, now the food/water/flu is almost taken care of (estimated 2 weeks shipping time).

I’ve done extensive research on nuclear prep and the kind of guns most useful to a novice like me. Guess I don’t “feel” like a nuclear event is likely and I’m still on the fence about guns. I’ve picked out the generator I’d want but, at $5k, I’d really have to feel like it would be worth it. Not yet, but maybe…

At this stage of the meltdown widespread food shortages seems more likely than some of the other possibilities.

Do you feel ready?


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Gold: Is This It, NOW?

From Wikipedia:

Backwardation is a futures market term: the situation in which, and the amount by which, the price of a commodity for future delivery is lower than the spot price, or a far future delivery price lower than a nearer future delivery.

The opposite market condition to backwardation is known as contango, in which the spot price is lower than the futures price. Different from contango, backwardation … is unlimited.

Antal E. Fekete, a professor at Intermountain Institute of Science and Applied Mathematics, and frequent writer on precious metals, answers a timely question:

Q: People from around the world keep asking me what advance warning for the collapse of our international monetary system, based as it is on irredeemable promises to pay, they should be looking for.
A: My answer invariably is: “watch for the last contango in silver”.

It takes a little bit of explaining what this cryptic message means. Contango is that condition whereby more distant futures prices are at a premium over the nearby. The opposite is called backwardation which obtains when the nearby futures sell at a premium and the more distant futures are at a discount.

When contango gives way to backwardation in all contract spreads, never again to return, it is a foolproof indication that no deliverable monetary silver exists.

People with inside information have snapped it up in anticipation of an imminent monetary crisis.

Friday the goldbugs at explained gold’s $50 up move:

Gold Officially Goes Into Backwardation

This morning, gold officially went into backwardation for the first time since the announcement of the Washington Agreement in 1999, which sent gold shorts scrambling to find physical metal after the world’s major central banks agreed to limit sales of gold going forward and ended the one-way trade to the downside in gold that had been in place in the late 1990s.

We know gold is now in backwardation because the gold forward offerred rate (GOFO) has now gone negative. The 3M GOFO has fallen 12 bps to -0.07%, and the 1M GOFO has fallen 20 bps to -0.1167%.

Unlike other commodities, gold very rarely goes into backwardation, and only when
1) the market fears a collapse in the currency, and/or
2) the market is worried about counterparties making good on their promise to deliver gold [ed: A.K.A. “COMEX goes bust”] (which was briefly the case in 1999, when the Washington Agreement was announced and shorts were squeezed).

Translation: Gold is about to meltup, and the dollar is about to have an accident.

Buckle up, gold bulls. Gold could be set to blow its top soon.

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