Week of Nov 24

What U Need 2 Know

matl-success-thru-yoga100x160This weekend I finished re-reading the booklet that first got me started in the whole possibility of a “meltdown.” I first read it July 2005 and began research to confirm/refute it. What i found seemed to support its warnings.

Then I copied the “juicy” parts and presented it to my employees to encourage them to think about preparing. I haven’t read it since early 2006. Whoa! It really seems prescient in its details, and parts of it come from predictions made in 1951 by my guru Paramhansa Yogananda.

Well, I just sent off an $1,800 order for a year’s supply of freeze-dried food, some N95 anti-virus masks and a gravity-feed water filtration device.

It “feels” to me like things are starting to get serious. I had finished all my financial preps in July, paid off all debt except for our house, pulled most of our money out of the bank in October. We’ve been stockpiling the prescription meds we need. Earlier this month I finally got a large propane tank to replace the little 50 gallon job we had. (I want enough fuel to run our fireplaces for a couple months, if needed.)

That left the non-perishable food, a potable water source, avian flu/pandemic prep masks, electric generator, nuclear prep (potassium iodide tablets and fallout shelter materials) and, possibly, some firearms. Well, now the food/water/flu is almost taken care of (estimated 2 weeks shipping time).

I’ve done extensive research on nuclear prep and the kind of guns most useful to a novice like me. Guess I don’t “feel” like a nuclear event is likely and I’m still on the fence about guns. I’ve picked out the generator I’d want but, at $5k, I’d really have to feel like it would be worth it. Not yet, but maybe…

At this stage of the meltdown widespread food shortages seems more likely than some of the other possibilities.

Do you feel ready?


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One Response

  1. Hello Scott.

    I’m glad you’re doing the effort of putting up all this into online for all of us to read. Also your connection to the very old lineage of Vedic knowledge through Yogananda gives is credibility too.

    I got really hooked to his biography, and I have been to the Himalayas myself several times.

    I know disciples of Ravi Shankar (art of living) talking about severe hardship for the US and the world.

    In contrast to that what do you think of David Wilcock’s very positive vision over at divine cosmos. (Divine Cosmos that must be an oxymoron… ;-) )

    I really hope that the money manager’s will bite the dust in this cycle!
    and that the average man really realise her potential!

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