Attack of COMEX Gold & Silver

***Today, Nov 28, is first notice day for taking delivery of December COMEX gold and silver. The clock is ticking to bust COMEX and free gold & silver prices.

jim-willieThis just in from Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter:

Powerful foreign entities are preparing a massive major assault on the US financial corruption, at key spots. All signs seem to point to the gold futures contracts traded at the COMEX and NYMEX, whose prices are routinely suppressed by a high volume of uneconomic short contracts by two to four banks. 

A highly leveraged sequence is soon to be unleashed, one that should bring back thoughts of asymmetric attack. Think small cost of a weapon, heavy damage to costly equipment. Something big comes to the gold market, with big angry players! If successful, severe damage will be done to the USDollar. Their goal is to kill the COMEX gold market, the key location for gold price suppression. Major Russian, Chinese, Arab, and European bankers and billionaires are angry beyond words. The giant portion of gold vaulted resides in Central Europe. A plan is in place.

The key here and now is COMEX gold futures contracts, where many big players are demanding delivery for their December contracts. North American investment houses have also targeting them for delivery demands. With newly energized Russia & China building their gold treasures, with Arabs turning from distrusted Western paper and more toward gold & silver, look for the new players to offer support to the primary thrust attacks. If successful, it will be a defining moment in US financial history. The first delivery notice for the December gold contract is given on November 28.

Recall that Russians and Arabs each have severe damage done to the crude oil price and petro revenues. The futures contract games conducted by US price systems and Wall Street tactics used against hedge funds are largely responsible. Russians and Arabs are angry. Their financial markets are in turmoil, their economies are disrupted, their property markets are in disarray. Furthermore, Russians and Arabs own a large amount of acquired gold, whose value is also pushed down by corrupt US paper mechanisms. The Persian Gulf lusts to put in place a gold trading center of world repute.

A brutal powerful trap has been set, to be executed upon the paper engineers without mercy. If you have noticed the facial expression on some Wall Street heads, like Paulson, change in the last few weeks, this is one reason why. They have no shame in confiscation of Congressional funds. But they dread presiding over a failed pricing system for gold, and dread the prospect of being unmasked, not to mention bankrupted. Keep the focus on the JPMorgan garbage can, where the illegal futures contracts are stored, the very same contracts that are never marked to market on their balance sheet. A COMEX blowup reveals their grotesque distortion of market forces, underpinned by gold and USTreasurys. More details are provided in the November Hat Trick Letter report, like the movement by the Chinese and Iranians to vastly increase their gold reserves. [more]

How close is COMEX to going bust? Answer: Vaporize COMEX countDOWN

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    9 Responses

    1. Keep getting the word out…I’m giving silver coins as Christmas presents. Great way to tell the story to the many uneducated ones.

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    3. Scott, wouldn’t it be something if we could establish and promote a legal fund through your site or maybe David Morgan’s that would offer a reward to any individual or individuals that would come forward and expose this obvious Comex crime in progress. We could get this out to all the big PM sites and ask for donations to a registered account. No one to date has offered this idea so far, but I think it could work, as there are many people interested in the outcome. There has to be a few underlings working at the Fed, Comex, etc. that are aware of the crime but have not considered coming forward and testifying with info that could really bust this crime in progress.

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