Vaporize COMEX countDOWN

COMEX gold & silver price manipulations are bashing precious metals investors, miners and shareholders. If COMEX gold and silver inventories become depleted the price fixing will stop and the precious metals will rise to their true levels.  




Inventory levels are expressed in millions of ounces: For example: gold hovers around 3 million oz; silver at 70 million oz.

Jim SinclairWill Increased Delivery Demand Bust the Gold Warehouses?
Jim Sinclair: “I have been speaking with many people this evening who have taken gold delivery. What I am hearing is not impressive. When examined closely it is a paper system that may have fallen badly behind as gold moved ahead since 2001. There is a possibility the system is antiquated and more FUBAR than anyone, even the warehouses themselves, realize.” COMEX Warehouses in Trouble?

Jim SinclairWill the Manipulation of Gold & Silver Prices Ever End?
Gold and silver price suppression has been going on for years now, as documented by GATA and Ted Butler. Who’s behind it? Evidence points to JPMorgan Chase using massive (and illegal) short-selling on COMEX, at the bidding of the president’s Plunge Protection Team. Now, Jim Sinclair answers the question on everyone’s mind: Will the COMEX Manipulation Ever End?

watermelons smashed_70x69Crush COMEX Like a Ripe Melon?
A perceptive reader, Mike, is puzzled by all this talk about busting COMEX. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Does the fact that it hasn’t happened yet mean it’s likely it’ll never happen? Are we silver bugs simply doomed to suffer? Reader Asks, “What’s So Hard About Busting COMEX?”.


COMEX Not Vaporized But, Maybe, Smoldering?
COMEX silver inventory didn’t vaporize last December, but it was knocked down a bit. Now Ted Butler is saying “we may be heading into a wholesale silver shortage.” I wonder Is COMEX Cracking? Finally?

Get Physical: Another Knock Against ETFs
David Morgan reports Barclays has changed SLV prospectus wording from “Silver Bullion” to just “Silver.” Does this sound like not all their silver is bullion? If it ain’t physical silver, what is it?  Silver ETF Isn’t 100% Real
Data Sources:
COMEX precious metals warehouse stocks:
COMEX precious metals daily delivery notices:
Link to master list of reports: 
Link to most recent clearing info (first & last notice dates): or try this direct link
Link to delivery dates through 2015:

619 Responses

  1. There is now less than half the silver available for delievery than was the case when the charts were last updated in September 2009. That’s more than a 50% haircut in 21 months.

    If depletion accelerates Meltdown 2011 could become a reality as far as silver is concerned.

  2. Gold is about $1350 now (Feb 2011)

  3. The key to trading penny stocks is learning how the game is played. The game has always been and will always be controlled by the MM’s (market makers) These are the people we used to trust to make a market for any stock even in the roughest times.
    However times have changed especially in pennystocks, Very little regulations and oversight has turned these market makers into nothing more then market manipulators, manipulating any penny stock however they see fit for personal gaines.
    Now most smart investors have learned you can’t beat them at their game. They have to much power and control. The best we can do is watch them and learn their patterns, Each MM has its own style of manipulating. and they will react in their own predictable way to different situations. Once you learn this you will truely have the advantage. Trading penny stocks is much like playing a game of chess against these MM’s. If you know their techniques and strategys then you can easily predict where they will take a stock. Watch them carefully on L2 , and watch charts at the same time you will see some MM’s react to certain indicators, some only react to buy and sell pressure. And some even work in teams and are truely there to take as much money as they can from you using all the dirtiest tactics including naked shorting, Paid message board bashers, and fake PR releases. (I.E. PUMA, NOBL, SSGI, STXG, CHDN). If you are in a stock with them you are in trouble take profits fast and get out , they will NSS it down to nothing faster then you can blink an eye.

  4. The ponzi scheme is almost over. China is urging it’s citizens to buy silver bullion… Russia has issued a legal tender 3 ruble coin… The demand for physical silver will crush the paper shorts. For the holders of ETF’s this will end in tears. History will regard the holders of physical silver as the winners in this war of corruption.

  5. […] articles were prolific, and everyone was eating them up, myself included. Remember this site? Vaporize COMEX countDOWN « Meltdown It was started on Nov. 29, 2008 and later […]

  6. Scott –

    In December 2008, you were way of the curve, not realizing that TPTB would manage to extend & pretend so long.

    Now, events seem to indicate that the central banking/warfare model is nearing the end of the mathematical life span for ponzi finance schemes.

    It may be the time to start monitoring deliveries vs. CRIMEX alleged inventory again in March 2010, since some well-informed sources seem to think that we will see SHTF then.

    – Burticus

  7. Looks like gold took a pretty big dip last week but I’m sure prices will go up pretty quick.

  8. Comex registered stocks now down to:
    SILVER: 47,389,387
    GOLD: 1,611,644

  9. Comex registered stocks now down to:
    SILVER: 47,399,480 mOz <<<<<<<<<<<wowwow
    GOLD: 1,808,813 mOz <<<<<<<<<<<wow


  10. Funny how the Comex Gold to Silver Registered Reserves are at a ratio of 1:23…. much like 1:20 price ratio for the past century prior to 1935 and 1:15 ratio of the Earths crust.
    Hmmm, yet we are still at a 1:63 price ratio in the POG/POS…..why is that?

  11. A very interesting Rob Kirby’s update on fake “good delivery” gold bars:

  12. Dude, the CME now update these spreadsheets:

    You need to update to these, and reamke the plots!
    Current Registered:
    5th Nov 2009:
    Silver: 52,342,232 Oz << <<< <<<<< WOW!!
    Gold: 2,082,949 Oz

  13. The possible state of Comex reminds me of a scene from DUMB and DUMBER when the briefcase, supposedly containing cash is opened to reveal that all the cash has been replaced with IOU’s. Except in the case of comex gold may have been replaced with IOU’s.

    —-“Okay, here’s the plan. We borrow
    a few bucks from the briefcase…
    and find some reasonable lodgings.
    – And we’ll keep track with lOUs.
    We’ll pay back whatever we borrow,
    to the last penny.
    That’s what we’re good for.
    – Our word is our bond.

    This is the presidential suite,
    Normally reserved for royalty,
    stars of stage and screen.”

  14. Nice updates, dude!
    Keep on Truckin’
    Don’t leave it so long next time :)

    • Registered silver stock plunged yesterday (22 Sept 09) from 60,376,090 to 56,963,340 (with no increase in eligible stocks)

    • On 23 September, Registered silver stocks went up 646,330oz to 57,609,670 but eligible stocks decreased by 2,202,850 to 56,924,200, signaling that physical silver stocks leave the comex vaults.

  15. I thought I read on that registered silver inventory had fallen to about 53 million ounces. Are we gonna get an update on these charts? Thanks.

    • according to the data available on Bloomberg, Registered silver as at 4 September stood at 61,398,200. Registered gold as at the same date were 2,140,680

  16. I think this web sight is a goner ,not been up dated

  17. Is it summer holidays or has this site died ??
    Hope not. Comex is still on thin ice.

    Did you see this piece by Adrian Douglas where he shows how
    – Comex and Tocom rules were changed to allow settlement with ETF instrad of physical.
    – This would explain how COMEX deliveries don’t add up to notices
    – and how GLD could add 1100 tonnes without impacting on price
    – and why the biggest shorts JPM and HSBC became custodians of GLD and SLV
    – that ETF’s are only partially (if at all) backed by physical gold and mainly backed by derivatives .
    – and as a result paper contracts result in deliveries of paper backed by more paper.

  18. there are rumours that the us government is out of gold to supress gold at the comex so to cover naked shorting it used gold stolen from the canadian mint and also is now using gold from the GLD fund which only has 10% of the inventories it says it has. how pissed are all those GLD holders of gold going to be when they find out its been stolen(sold) and or leased out(as good as gone) many times over. the reckoning is coming, it will take all who have not positioned themselves by complete surprise

  19. I really like your post. Does it copyright protected?

    • Hey Katty,

      Well, actually, everything in the US since the early 1990’s is deemed to be automatically copyrighted. But, hey, if you want to use this on another site go ahead. Please do consider including a link back here as well.

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