Vaporize COMEX countDOWN

COMEX gold & silver price manipulations are bashing precious metals investors, miners and shareholders. If COMEX gold and silver inventories become depleted the price fixing will stop and the precious metals will rise to their true levels.  




Inventory levels are expressed in millions of ounces: For example: gold hovers around 3 million oz; silver at 70 million oz.

Jim SinclairWill Increased Delivery Demand Bust the Gold Warehouses?
Jim Sinclair: “I have been speaking with many people this evening who have taken gold delivery. What I am hearing is not impressive. When examined closely it is a paper system that may have fallen badly behind as gold moved ahead since 2001. There is a possibility the system is antiquated and more FUBAR than anyone, even the warehouses themselves, realize.” COMEX Warehouses in Trouble?

Jim SinclairWill the Manipulation of Gold & Silver Prices Ever End?
Gold and silver price suppression has been going on for years now, as documented by GATA and Ted Butler. Who’s behind it? Evidence points to JPMorgan Chase using massive (and illegal) short-selling on COMEX, at the bidding of the president’s Plunge Protection Team. Now, Jim Sinclair answers the question on everyone’s mind: Will the COMEX Manipulation Ever End?

watermelons smashed_70x69Crush COMEX Like a Ripe Melon?
A perceptive reader, Mike, is puzzled by all this talk about busting COMEX. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Does the fact that it hasn’t happened yet mean it’s likely it’ll never happen? Are we silver bugs simply doomed to suffer? Reader Asks, “What’s So Hard About Busting COMEX?”.


COMEX Not Vaporized But, Maybe, Smoldering?
COMEX silver inventory didn’t vaporize last December, but it was knocked down a bit. Now Ted Butler is saying “we may be heading into a wholesale silver shortage.” I wonder Is COMEX Cracking? Finally?

Get Physical: Another Knock Against ETFs
David Morgan reports Barclays has changed SLV prospectus wording from “Silver Bullion” to just “Silver.” Does this sound like not all their silver is bullion? If it ain’t physical silver, what is it?  Silver ETF Isn’t 100% Real
Data Sources:
COMEX precious metals warehouse stocks:
COMEX precious metals daily delivery notices:
Link to master list of reports: 
Link to most recent clearing info (first & last notice dates): or try this direct link
Link to delivery dates through 2015:

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