Week of Dec 1, 2008

What U Need 2 Know

Will we be able to bust COMEX this month? I hope so. Keep track of the progress with the charts: scroll down for the latest or click this link for all posts:
Vaporize COMEX CountDOWN

Will California be rockin’-n-rollin’ at the end of next week? This site [link] maps global disasters minute-by-minute, from earthquakes to terrorist attacks.

From George Ure’s UrbanSurvival.com site:
“We’re now roughly one week from the twin quakes window in Cliff’s predictive linguistics work when the world seems likely, based on language shifts that have preceded similar events in the past, a pair of quakes, as least one of which is linguistically destined to isolate a bunch of people and cause severe socioeconomic impacts including offers of foreign aid. 

Here again, ‘life by halves’ features some folks will be ready because of their learning and experience which will allow them to see the possibilities in advance and prepare to meet them on their own terms, while the other side denies that language precedes change and that Cliff & I are just a couple of nutjobs.” 

“No dispute about this last point from us, but as we’ve said in the past, ‘Just because we may be nuts doesn’t make us wrong’.  Remember when we posted the last ‘big quake’ advisory a couple of days before the China 7.8 – 8.0 quake in May.  Off by a day or two in the May 9 and May 10 warnings, but that’s why I call the predictive linguistics project a “rickety time machine”.  When it takes a half linguist/ half SQL-guru and 200+ executables in four languages (dos, perl, c, & prolog) to weed though terabytes of data, no, this is not something you’ll be seeing on Amazon any time soon with a slick Vista graphics front-end..”


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