REAL Silver/Gold Prices on eBay

A new web site has been launched to help discover the REAL price of gold and silver. With the “paper” COMEX price of precious metals diverging from “street” prices, what’s it really worth?

David Morgan discovered this new web site (click the image above) that shows you what people are paying for the different forms of gold and silver on the various eBays around the world. Gold and silver coins with offers on eBay appear on the page, listed by country.

For each coin, you will find:

  • Its name, fine weight, and instant metal value.
  • The price of last sales on eBay to track the price: average price, premium over spot price of gold (or silver), the implied gold or silver value per ounce, and yesterdays average price for this specific coin.
  • The current offers on eBay worldwide, with the respective number of offers. You can click on the eBay buttons to get directly to the eBay page with all the coins for sale.
  • Various eBay tools relevant to this coinBuy It Now, Newly Listed, Ending Soonest, and Completed Listings.

Gold prices link: 
Silver prices link: