Fire Fighters for 9-11 Truth

firefighters4911truthJust in case any of you still believe the government’s story about 9/11 being a terrorist attack, check out this site put up by firefighters. It details how the WTC towers were brought down by explosives, not the planes.

From the site:
“Firefighters for 9-11 Truth is a non-partisan association of firefighters and affiliates created to increase awareness, provide public education, demand a real investigation that follows National Standards, and provide support to our Brothers and Sisters in need. We are deeply troubled by the “official” story, and the way the rescue workers from Ground Zero are being forgotten.

“We believe there is overwhelming evidence of obstruction of justice, and destruction of evidence voiced even by numerous 9/11 Commissioners themselves. Senator Cleland resigned from the Commission stating, “This investigation is now compromised.”

I’ve never said much about this on my blog as it is so self-evident to me after researching this. This one web page does an excellent job of dispelling many 9/11 gov’t myths.


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