Morgan on COMEX

Just received this email from David Morgan AKA “The Silver Investor”.


Here are the links from the email for your convenience:


2 Responses

  1. It wouldn’t take many investors to ‘bust’ the comex holdings.
    But the thing is that ‘they’ control all the world wealth and all major trades that occur on market. This includes ‘commercials’ and ‘speculators’.

    The fact is that very little PMs are being taken off the market. It’s a reallocation but remains in storage.

    These charts are misleading, none of these inventories are being taken out, although we all wish that they were. Look at the inventory levels, they are not affected at all. This is the KEY, the actual warehouse inventories!

  2. Scott, wouldn’t it be something if we could establish and promote a legal fund through your site or maybe David Morgan’s that would offer a reward to any individual or individuals that would come forward and expose this obvious Comex crime in progress. We could get this out to all the big PM sites and ask for donations to a registered account. No one to date has offered this idea so far, but I think it could work, as there are many people interested in the outcome. There has to be a few underlings working at the Fed, Comex, etc. that are aware of the crime but have not considered coming forward and testifying with info that could really bust this crime in progress.

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