Vaporize COMEX 2008-12-05

Last update: Mon 12/8/2008, 1:11pm CST (latest warehouse levels).

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TZO & Eric

Regarding “confusion between “physically delivered metal” and a contract that was “stopped for delivery”….. ”

Unfortunately, I’m just a monkey with a keyboard. I kept hearing about “Busting COMEX” but couldn’t find any info on WHEN we would know it would happen.

After some research I found the COMEX delivery and warehouse inventory reports. I decided to graph these. Honestly, I don’t know if this info will truly indicate an imminent default. I haven’t found anything better data-wise.

Does anyone know the answer to this? Is there a better source for data?

Please let me know.

COMEX gold & silver price manipulations are bashing precious metals investors, miners and shareholders. Now it’s time to fight back by Busting COMEX


Cumulative COMEX Gold Deliveries:
Nov 28 – 860,000 oz vs inventory of 2,855,567 oz. (30.1%)
Dec 1 – 1,116,600 oz vs inventory of 2,908,224 oz. (38.4%)
Dec 2 – 1,147,300 oz vs inventory of 2,908,024 oz. (39.5%)
Dec 3 – 1,175,800 oz vs inventory of 2,918,028 oz. (40.3%)
Dec 4 – 1,189,000 oz vs inventory of 2,918,028 oz. (40.7%)
Dec 5 – 1,216,400 oz vs inventory of 2,918,028 oz. (41.7%)
Dec 8 – TBD
Dec 9 – TBD
Dec 10 – TBD
Dec 11 – TBD
Dec 12 – TBD
Dec 15 – TBD
Dec 16 – TBD
Dec 17 – TBD
Dec 18 – TBD
Dec 19 – TBD
Dec 22 – TBD
Dec 23 – TBD
Dec 24 – TBD
Dec 26 – TBD
Dec 29 – TBD [Final notice day]


Cumulative COMEX Silver Deliveries:
Nov 28 – 15,200,000 oz vs inventory of 80,749,083 oz. (18.8%)
Dec 1 – 17,600,000 oz vs inventory of 80,639,774 oz. (21.8%)
Dec 2 – 24,070,000 oz vs inventory of 80,239,857 oz. (30.0%)
Dec 3 – 26,035,000 oz vs inventory of 80,239,857 oz. (32.4%)
Dec 4 – 26,285,000 oz vs inventory of 80,244,971 oz. (32.8%)
Dec 5 – 27,330,000 oz vs inventory of 80,234,544 oz. (34.1%)
Dec 8 – TBD
Dec 9 – TBD
Dec 10 – TBD
Dec 11 – TBD
Dec 12 – TBD
Dec 15 – TBD
Dec 16 – TBD
Dec 17 – TBD
Dec 18 – TBD
Dec 19 – TBD
Dec 22 – TBD
Dec 23 – TBD
Dec 24 – TBD
Dec 26 – TBD
Dec 29 – TBD [Final notice day]

COMEX trades hundreds of times more gold & silver than they actually possess. If enough investors demand delivery of PHYSICAL gold & silver COMEX stockpiles will be depleted. If COMEX runs out, the ensuing rush to grab physical metal to settle contract obligations *could* be the spark that ignites the long-awaited precious metals wildfire.

COMEX warehouses contain both “registered” and “eligible” metals. The “registered” metals are available for physical delivery. The “eligible” metals are not ready for delivery until they become “registered.” Although this pool of “eligible” metals is stored at COMEX warehouses there is no obligation to “register” these metals for subsequent physical deliveries.

The graph shows:
1) the cumulative ounces of metal delivered this month,
2) the ounces of “registered” metal available for delivery,
3) the ounces “eligible” for registration.
The percentage shown is based on the cumulative physical metal deliveries for the month against the “registered” amount of metal in COMEX.

[1] COMEX precious metals warehouse stocks:
[2] COMEX precious metals daily deliveries:
[3] “Zed”, “nofear”, “DaveInDenver” and “Kaboom” from blog comments. Thanks, guys! 

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Safety Deposit Boxes Confiscated

For my friends that are keeping their heirlooms, wills, gold/silver/colored diamonds etc in a bank safety deposit box: please be careful. ABC News reported on a number of states that confiscate the contents of boxes to help fund their budget.

Even though the boxes were fully paid up and the owner HAD NOT MOVED they were seized as “abandoned.”

With California declaring a “fiscal emergency” a few days back do you think states will suddenly decide to stop this practice?

NOTE: ABC News has removed this video from YouTube. Right now you can still see the story and video here: [ ]

honeywell-safe1I bought one of these water-proof & fire-proof “mini-safes” at WalMart for $39.98. Then I stuffed it into a larger safe that has a “real” lock and is also fire rated. Did you know when you do this the fire rating numbers are additive? If both are fire rated for 90 minutes at X degrees the documents in the smaller safe are protected for 180 minutes at X degrees? Cool!

Scott Gallup

Paid COMEX Informant?

An interesting comment:


Hi Craig, yeah an interesting idea.

The way I look at it is this: they got away with 9/11, they got away with Oklahoma City bombing in spite of overwhelming evidence. There were first hand eye witnesses with video to back them up. PBS even broadcast Larry Silverstein’s confession that he “pulled” Building 7.

It’s nothing for them to get away with what they’re doing with PM manipulation with the informed consent of CFTC and COMEX. The criminals run rampant on Wall St, aided and abetted by the paid-off members of House and Senate.

Let them play their games. It will all come crashing down around them within 24 months–probably MUCH sooner. I’ll sit on my gold and silver and wait for the explosion and cash in.

Selfish? Yep.

I want to protect and provide for my family and warn anyone else who’s willing to listen. Beyond that, there’s nothing left to do.*

We lost final control of this great nation sometime last summer. Now it’ll happen “the hard way.” It’ll be messy, ugly, and hellishly frightening for the unprepared.

But it’s “batten the hatches” time; we’re gonna just have to ride this Cat 5 beast out where we are. In the aftermath in 2011 we of like minds will have our opportunity to put things back together like the framers of the Constitution intended.

We will be “half as wealthy but twice as spiritual.” And the world will be better for it IMO.

Thanks for reading,
Scott Gallup

*B prepared:
– Do you have sufficient food for your family to last a few months if there are shortages?
– Do you have stored potable water (or can you get it within 8 hrs)?
– Do you have wealth out of the markets and anything paper and into physical gold & silver, and/or barter items?
– Do you have a G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) plan to leave metropolitan areas if riots break out? (If you plan to shack up with relatives in the country, what will you bring to benefit them?)
– Do you have a backstock of needed prescription drugs?
– Do you have at least a few N95 anti-viral masks?
– Do you have a garden’s worth of non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds in case food disruptions last longer than hoped?
– Do you have a way to keep your house/apartment warm if the power grid goes down?
– Do you have candles, or a Coleman lantern, or a hurricane lamp?

The “Y2K” bug never bothered me; I never took any preparations whatsoever. But what’s coming our way in the next 7 months has me grimly fascinated, and goaded into making all my fianl preparations.

Please consider making some yourself.

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