Paid COMEX Informant?

An interesting comment:


Hi Craig, yeah an interesting idea.

The way I look at it is this: they got away with 9/11, they got away with Oklahoma City bombing in spite of overwhelming evidence. There were first hand eye witnesses with video to back them up. PBS even broadcast Larry Silverstein’s confession that he “pulled” Building 7.

It’s nothing for them to get away with what they’re doing with PM manipulation with the informed consent of CFTC and COMEX. The criminals run rampant on Wall St, aided and abetted by the paid-off members of House and Senate.

Let them play their games. It will all come crashing down around them within 24 months–probably MUCH sooner. I’ll sit on my gold and silver and wait for the explosion and cash in.

Selfish? Yep.

I want to protect and provide for my family and warn anyone else who’s willing to listen. Beyond that, there’s nothing left to do.*

We lost final control of this great nation sometime last summer. Now it’ll happen “the hard way.” It’ll be messy, ugly, and hellishly frightening for the unprepared.

But it’s “batten the hatches” time; we’re gonna just have to ride this Cat 5 beast out where we are. In the aftermath in 2011 we of like minds will have our opportunity to put things back together like the framers of the Constitution intended.

We will be “half as wealthy but twice as spiritual.” And the world will be better for it IMO.

Thanks for reading,
Scott Gallup

*B prepared:
– Do you have sufficient food for your family to last a few months if there are shortages?
– Do you have stored potable water (or can you get it within 8 hrs)?
– Do you have wealth out of the markets and anything paper and into physical gold & silver, and/or barter items?
– Do you have a G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) plan to leave metropolitan areas if riots break out? (If you plan to shack up with relatives in the country, what will you bring to benefit them?)
– Do you have a backstock of needed prescription drugs?
– Do you have at least a few N95 anti-viral masks?
– Do you have a garden’s worth of non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds in case food disruptions last longer than hoped?
– Do you have a way to keep your house/apartment warm if the power grid goes down?
– Do you have candles, or a Coleman lantern, or a hurricane lamp?

The “Y2K” bug never bothered me; I never took any preparations whatsoever. But what’s coming our way in the next 7 months has me grimly fascinated, and goaded into making all my fianl preparations.

Please consider making some yourself.

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8 Responses

  1. Joe,
    Your comment reflects your social programming well. I hope that you and other sheeple like you don’t short circuit when the SHTF. Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers…

  2. I get aggravated by morons who believe the official 911 twaddle (even though some are my family). Forgive me for posting a few of my questions to Joe:

    Why did Senator Max Cleland, the only person proved to have no conflict of interest, step down from the 911 commission and say, ‘Bush is scamming the American people…it’s disgusting. The American people are being cheated.’
    Why did Bush/Cheney testify in secret, allow only two members of the 911 commission, limit the meeting to one hour, disallow a recording, refuse to take an oath, and insist on testifying together?
    What was George Bush, Sr. doing with Osama Bin Laden’s brother at a meeting of the Carlyle group (a defense contractor both are heavily invested in) on September 10th, 2001?
    Why were hundreds of whistle-blowers, including numerous intelligence personnel, turned away from the 911 commission when they claimed to have significant evidence?
    What does Sibel Edmonds know (called by Senators highly credible and explosive) that she has been officially threatened with jail if she says it?
    Why, when told by the Secret Service, “A second plane has struck the World Trade Center. America is under attack,” didn’t the President ask a single question?
    Why did Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announce the disappearance from the Pentagon of $2.3 trillion on September 10th, the day before?
    Why did flight 77 happen to strike the accounting office of the Pentagon, destroying the records and killing the people which might help find this money?
    Was it a coincidence that, one year earlier, Captain Charles Burlingame, pilot of flight 77, was a Naval counterterrorist specialist who had been involved in a meeting in the Pentagon concerning a terrorist hijacking with a plane flown into the Pentagon?
    Why did NORAD, knowing the US was under terrorist attack, not scramble fighter jets to intercept this third hijacked plane for 29 full minutes as it flew directly toward the Pentagon, the best protected building on Earth?
    Why did NORAD completely change the timeline (their second revision) in May 2003 and again in mid-June of 2004, for a total of 4 different timelines? Can the most sophisticated military in history keep proper time or not?
    How did the cockpit voice recorder for flight 93 record the terrorists planning to break the door down when they were obviously outside the cockpit?
    Why did General Stubblebine and Air Force Lt. Colonel, fighter pilot, and Florida Congressional candidate Robert Bowman state positively that the 5 released frames of video record of whatever struck the Pentagon was not flight 77 based on their expert knowledge of aircraft type?
    Why will the FBI not release all the footage it has?
    Why did a government spokesperson absurdly claim that the plane vaporized on impact?
    If it did, how did they allegedly find the remains of ALL the people?
    How did high-jacker Hani Hanjour, a notoriously poor pilot by his own instructor’s accounts, having never flown anything larger than a twin engine Cessna, manage this near-impossible maneuver with a large jet airliner?
    Why did Osama bin Laden, on his first communication, deny all responsibility for the attack?
    Why does the FBI say that it has no evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks?
    How did a BBC reporter report the collapse of Building 7 before it happened and despite the fact that it is clearly standing over her shoulder in the footage?
    Why has no other steel high-rise structure in history ever collapsed due to fire, though there have been many, both hot and long?
    Why is there eyewitness testimony from hundreds of firefighters claiming they saw and heard explosions from the towers as they fell and comparing it to a controlled demolition?
    Why was video-recorded eyewitness testimony of 500 people, including emergency responders, withheld until the New York Times sued for its release under the Freedom of Information Act?
    Why was Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratory, the company that tested the original WTC steel, fired a week after he questioned the results of the NIST report?
    Why have six of the hijackers come forward, still alive, protesting their obvious innocence? (The’s say it’s merely a case of mistaken names, but this is stupid because there were pictures of the hijackers and they were Arabs. You would think a name and a picture is enough for a person to identify themselves.)
    Why was most of the evidence, steel, etc., shipped to China for recycling almost immediately?
    Why does the official theory of collapse violate the fundamental law of Physics known as conservation of momentum?
    Why does the official theory of collapse violate the fundamental law of Physics known as conservation of mass-energy, or e=mc2?
    Why does the official theory of collapse violates the second law of thermodynamics which states that an asymmetry will increase over time, thus making straight-down collapse impossible?

  3. Craig: good point! I guess there could be some “white hats” who might be willing to do the right thing. I imagine the first step would be to find out who they are (names/titles) and then engage them one-on-one. I bet you could tell pretty quickly which side they’re on…

  4. Hi Joe,

    Ah, so your in-depth research has shown you 9/11 & Okla City were just what the gov’t told you.

    My research showed me otherwise. It was this same research which showed me the depths to which “shadow powers” control our lives and the stage of history: from manipulating gold and silver prices to things much more serious.

    After all, this whole site is really my warning to those who care about what I see coming based on the assumption teh shadow powers have a hidden agenda that only comes to light as “history” unfolds.

    If it ain’t your cup o’ tea that’s OK. I’m not selling anything.


  5. Scott, I know that this idea of asking for underling people on the inside at Comex, the Fed, Big Banks, etc., to come forward and rat on their bosses might sound a bit weird at this time. But, why can’t it work? I don’t even think these people would be simply motivated by a reward of some kind. If they actually understood what they were really involved with, ruining the world financial system by continuing the phony fiat money system, they might be willing to give evidence that would finally put these cowards away for good. Ted Butler has probably come the closest to communicating with these lower end people that are probably just honestly doing their jobs, unaware of the crime they are involved with. Any ideas on how something like this could be implemented?

  6. OMG,
    Scott, I just came across your site a few days ago and I was intrigued. But You have lost a reader with this:
    “they got away with 9/11, they got away with Oklahoma City bombing”.
    You need to put the tin foil back on your head, because you are a conspiracy nut job.
    I’m sorry but get a life…

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