Vote: I H8 Yer Site Cuz the Color Sux

“Jim” sez this in the comments:

“Why the hell do some people think that a black background is so damn sexy when it is so hard to read? I cannot even read the box labels above and whatever might be interesting on this mistive is not worth the effort.”

living-rm-smI think visiting a person’s blog is a bit like visiting their house: I’ve invited you into my place and this is how you talk? My momma would ask ’bout your childhood spent in a barn.

Here’s my living room: what do you think of the paint color my wife chose?  Any comments on the furniture? How ’bout the Christmas decorations?

OK, ’nuff fun for now. “Jim” does have a legitimate point: it can be a pain-in-the-butt to read this site. Tell me what YOU think…


Update Dec 15, 2008: It looked as if enough people were having difficulty with the black theme I changed it to a more conventional one last night.


9 Responses

  1. The Black is extremely difficult to read and needs to be changed to white or a lighter color. Of course, I am merely stating what is a tremendous grasp of the obvious.
    Carry on with your good work by the way.

  2. [eye-shock]

    The black was better – at least for me…:)

  3. The difference between the paint color your wife chose and the background color you chose is that one is easy to change and one is not. Of course, criticisms should be presented politely.

    I think black is fine.

  4. Wow. They come to YOUR site and then want you to change it. If they don’t like the color, they can choose not to come to YOUR site. If the text is too small, they could always change their settings to 800 X 600 pixels!

  5. In a similar vein as js stated earlier perhaps the font size might be larger. Otherwise, I really enjoy your blog . . . . and the color scheme in your house is very inviting.

  6. looks great!
    (for me anyways)

  7. Yes, it’s very hard to read with this black background

  8. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  9. The problem is that the contrast and size of the word is not great enough. Some words need highlighting to be seen, that’s the stupid part.

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