GATA 2 March On D.C.

gata-ad-01-29-2008_smBill Murphy, Chairman of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) and defender of gold bugs around the world, is set to march on Washington. Truly a heroic effort to STOP the GOLD MANIPULATION with carefully vetted facts collected by GATA and friends over the last decade.

Says he:
“At the moment I am looking around for wheelbarrows to cart this stuff to Washington. I will explain to whomever I meet that what GATA has collected over the past decade is the same as a prosecutor in a murder trial. What we have is much more than just circumstantial evidence, but even if it were just that, it is so overwhelming that a jury would come to no other conclusion than the gold market is manipulated and to a significant degree. The jury’s verdict would be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

To conclude, I am going to stress the point to everyone I meet, that the suppression scheme cannot be effective that much longer because there won’t be enough central bank gold to meet the supply/demand deficit. In addition, if GATA is correct, it is leading to a giant scandal, which will dwarf the latest flap over the Madoff Ponzi scheme and could even rival Watergate in scope. The question to be answered will be similar to other scandals, “How could this have happened?”

The world is harping for transparency and truth from New York and Washington. No better time to get the gold truth than now.” [more]

God speed, Bill!


3 Responses

  1. Cornholio, that’s and interesting forecast. But why won’t the government confiscate the paper gold as well? If the paper represents physical gold it pretty much is gold.

  2. I believe Gold (and possibly Silver) will be made illegal to own and subject to confiscation before 2012; this is why I only trade “paper gold” on the Comex.

  3. I can only hope that someone will listen and not cover it up further. The way things are developing in DC and the courts does not give me a lot of hope. It’s my opinion that the corruption is pretty rampant.

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