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For my friends/family: site updates may run a little slow for the next week as I have a big mess on my hands remodeling my sound room. I’m using the dead space over the stairwell leading up to it to create a built-in equipment rack. Also installing a new 125″ electric projection screen that’ll drop down over the windows when in use, automatically darkening the room for viewing.

media-rm-remodl_sm media-rm-remodl3_sm media-rm-remodl2_sm

Having a big hole in the wall leading down to the kitchen is good motivation to push the project thru to completion ASAP. Well, that and having all my hi-fi gear shoved into the “computer rm” and unusable.

Dang, I’m having rock-n-roll withdrawl!


Vaporize COMEX 2008-12-18

Gold: 46.5% depleted. Delivery notices today: 12,700 oz.
Silver: 44.2% depleted. Delivery notices today: 445,000 oz.

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Vaporize COMEX Graphs





COMEX trades hundreds of times more gold & silver than they actually possess. If enough investors demand delivery of PHYSICAL gold & silver COMEX stockpiles will be depleted. If COMEX runs out, the ensuing rush to grab physical metal to settle contract obligations *could* be the spark that ignites the long-awaited precious metals wildfire.

COMEX warehouses contain both “registered” and “eligible” metals. The “registered” metals are available for physical delivery. The “eligible” metals are not ready for delivery until they become “registered.” Although this pool of “eligible” metals is stored at COMEX warehouses there is no obligation to “register” these metals for subsequent physical deliveries.

The graph shows:
1) the cumulative ounces of metal delivery notices this month,
2) the ounces of “registered” metal available for delivery,
The percentage shown is based on the cumulative physical metal delivery notices for the month against the “registered” amount of metal in COMEX.
“Eligible” metal inventories are not shown as they do not have a direct bearing on the inventory depletion ratio.

[1] COMEX precious metals warehouse stocks:
[2] COMEX precious metals daily delivery notices:

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