Humor: Bush Surveys Damage Caused By Presidency

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Presidency


Week of Dec 29, 2008

What U Need 2 Know
Want to try your hand at ruling the world? Find out the Best Way 2 Control the Masses.
And, if you think we have a democracy here in the US, think again.  We’re a Republic, NOT a Democracy.

Tuesday Dec 30 was the last day to vaporize COMEX for December delivery. It didn’t happen. Our next chance will be Feb 2009 (and, yes, I plan to post Feb COMEX charts).


Stealing Gold from the ETFs
As if there isn’t already enough to make you nervous about whether or not the gold & silver ETFs (“GLD” and “SLV”) are safe (read “solvent” and really holding the metal they claim to be holding), now comes the possibility the government could confiscate precious metals held in ETFs. [more]

 Scott Gallup

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