Best Way 2 Control the Masses

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Shadow Powers have understood this and have worked for years to nationalize education. Through this control, they have:

1) Successfully “dumbed down” Americans until we think we live in a democracy (rather than a republic).

2) Conned us into thinking that government is our benefactor (but they give us nothing we didn’t already give them through taxes first).

3) Created a passive herd of “wage slaves”who know just enough to make a living (and pay taxes) but not enough to know the Constitution and the real gov’t intended by its framers.

As 2009 approaches we find ourselves in the waning years of a grand experiment of the Shadow Powers. Decades ago they asked themselves, “Which is the better way to control a population?”

Option 1: Direct Force (the Soviet method of centralized control, closed borders, quotas and socialism) or

Option 2: Coercion (the United States’ method of shaping the desires of the populace through rampant marketing, education control, greed, and sufficient entertainment (TV, movies, sports) to distract the masses from creeping socialism and slavery. Oh, and don’t forget the occasional injection of fear. It keeps the masses shouting for the chance to exchange a little more libertty for (supposed) security.

We know how well option 1 worked by Dec 1991 with the ending of the USSR after 69 years. So far, option 2 seems to be working well enough for the Shadow Powers. “No slave is more oppressed than one who thinks he’s free.”

Are We Free?
We are constantly reminded by our politicians that “we live in a free country”, or as GWB says:
“They hate us for our freedoms.”
Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward.
“Freedom will be defended.”
“I believe that a free Iraq is in this nation’s interests. I believe a free Afghanistan is in this nation’s interest.”
I sent American troops to Iraq to make its people free.
“Freedom and fear, justice and cruelty, have always been at war, and we know that God is not neutral between them.”
The wisest use of American strength is to advance freedom.

US Fails Bush’s Litmus Test for Freedom
bush-crossed-with-shrekThey say we’re free, but are we? On Oct. 3, 2003  Bush answered the question (if you have the ears to hear):
Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don’t attack each other. Free nations don’t develop weapons of mass destruction.” GWB

 Do we have weapons of mass destruction?
The US has 5,043 active nuclear weapons with around 5,000 inactive weapons. More than all other nations put together. [link] We also have a full complement of chemical and biological weapons as well. (Remember the NY Antrax Attacks after 9/11? It was our own weaponized anthrax used against us.)

Do we attack other countries?
On Sept. 20, 2002 the Bush Doctrine declared “the controversial policy of preventive war, which held that the United States should depose foreign regimes that represented a potential or perceived threat to the security of the United States, even if that threat was not immediate; a policy of spreading democracy around the world, especially in the Middle East, as a strategy for combating terrorism; and a willingness to pursue U.S. military interests in a unilateral way.”

In just the last decade the US has attacked these countries without direct provocation, or attempted to depose their leader [link and link]:
Aug 1998: Afghanistan
Aug 1998: Sudan Operation Infinite Reach
Dec 1998: Iraq Operation Desert Fox
Oct 2001: Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom
Apr 2002: Venezuela CIA Op
Mar 2003: Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom
2004: Georgia, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Eritrea War on Terror
no-flag-large-enough_sm2006-08: Pakistan War on Terror
Jan 2007: Somalia War on Terror

For a list of all the regimes changed by the US Gov’t since the first (1911 Nicaragua) see Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change. From the book: “No nation in modern history has done this so often, in so many places so far from its own shores.”

The “why” is answered in the revealing book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. (It amounts to corporate greed working in tandem with the US Gov’t. You didn’t really think it was an accident that VP Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton and Sec State Condi Rice had an oil tanker named after her? [photo])

Are we a peaceful nation?
This is a judgement call. IMO we the people of the US are, like most around the world, peaceful by nature. It is our government that wants war, and will lie to get it.
– Think of FDR’s sacrifice of Pearl Harbor as our entry into WWII. [video
– Think of LBJ’s fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident as our entry into the Viet Nam War.
– Think of GWB’s falsified WMD evidence as our entry into the Iraq War.

According to Bush’s above litmus test for freedom, we ain’t. Sure, it’s not what he meant, not really. Right?

What about elections?
Don’t even get me started on election fraud in the US. In the words of one of last century’s foremost dictators, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” Josef Stalin

But, at least, we have freedom to choose, don’t we? Do we? When was the presidential election that you DIDN’T feel like you were voting for the “lesser of two evils”? (Which, of course, is still a vote for evil.)

Who chooses the two candidates from whom you will choose? Who engineers the amazing comebacks (GWB), the sudden shocking revelations (Gary Hart), the opportune video moments (Howard Dean), the mainstream ridicule and poll manipulation (Ron Paul)?

Remember FDR’s words: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

When the Shadow Powers determine the choices available to us they control us. Sure it’s subtle. You bet it’s effective. And we all think we’re free.

I say, “Liberty is not a multiple-choice test. It is an essay.”

We Haven’t Lost-Yet
But now, as they attempt to remake the planet into a “New World Order” under the guise of “fixing” a worldwide economic collapse, they have become vulnerable.

If enough of us “wake up” from the Matrix reality we can change our destiny. As the 2008-2009 collapse widens in depth and scope the chance to snatch freedom and liberty will arise.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.” Gandhi

Liberty for US, liberty for ALL.


Follow-up post: We’re a Republic, NOT a Democracy 


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  2. Nice to have a country where you are free to post whatever you want.
    Best idea for our country. You and your type of traitors need to leave and never come back.
    That coward in the uniform: needs to be shot on the spot

    • You’re pretty much acting like a prime example of the ”dumbed down” individuals portrayed in this article.

  3. And, here’s a way out:

    The Manifesto of the Whig Party
    Section IV of The Heartland Plan;
    Federal government for the taxpayer, by the taxpayer and of the taxpayer


    The Whig Party is designed to be the Political Party of the Center. Its basic position is to be Socially Progressive and Fiscally Responsible. Simply put: Madisonion in intent; Hamiltonian in execution, Jeffersonian in philosophy. It is the party of both the Progressive Conservative and the Conservative Progressive. If you are a Moderate Democrat, Regular Democrat, Regular Republican or Moderate Republican, you are a Whig!
    This first, draft Manifesto is designed to be a starting point for discussion of both the Party and of the Heartland Plan. Each section of this work has a historical starting point, discussion, suggestions for implementation with a suggested reading list in a final appendix. Much of what is said here is designed to get you thinking and talking to your neighbors. Some points are absurd, but that’s to get you started. Some points will seem absurd, but after thought and discussion, you may find that they are practical and should be given serious thought as an alternative for something already in place or as a starting point for something new.
    Unlike most discussions that talk about social and political problems, the Whig Party Manifesto offers human solutions. Not necessarily perfect ones, but solutions that will better things here in the United States until we can think of some other way to solve the problem under discussion. Projected, these solutions may be adopted and adapted to global conditions. Flexibility and responsiveness are key points to this program, even though certain suggested legislation or constitutional amendments may seem rigid or implacable at first blush.
    These solutions can be implemented by and through the political process currently in place. However, they won’t result in Utopia, nor will improvements be seen overnight. This Manifesto is not the sound-byte “qwik-fix” “change” that candidates for political office, their handlers, or media pundits have been handing out for centuries. Neither are they to the left or right of center, they are to the best of my ability centrist in nature and universal in application.
    The Founding Fathers of this country created the original Constitution of the United States not only after much thought and debate, but also as the result of numerous social and political events that occurred over the one hundred years prior to the actual Convention to Amend the Articles of Confederation, a contract entered into a mere six years earlier and designed for a union in perpetuity. A convention that was illegal and unauthorized. One that created a framework that was so revolutionary in its political and social ramifications that it was attacked almost immediately and its foundations destroyed by 1888.
    One of the more significant occurrences impacting both the Revolution of 1776 and the Constitution of 1787 was the Scottish Evangelical movement of the mid XVIIIth Century. Another was the Locke/Smith social contract coupled to the idea of personal responsibility as an attribute of human adult-hood. See Tom Paine’s Commom Sense and his Rights of Man for more. Free Trade and slavery played their parts in forming the Constitution of 1787. Of greater importance were the rules of laissez-faire bourgeois economie, rules since overwritten by government. In Whig opinion, those rules have been over-overwritten to the detriment of both the economy and the well-being of the citizen in an overzealous attempt to pacify specific special interest groups having no regard to the welfare of the people as a whole nor to the people as a nation! For an eye-opener on this, introduce yourself to The von Mises Institute, and
    Another is the rejection by the delegates, almost to a man, of democracy as a viable form of government. A casual reading of Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War shows that it is really the only history book necessary for an understanding of the failures of democracy but the need for representative government. Change the names and dates and you have just about every war since and their causes and, more importantly, why the loser lost! In Rome, democracy was decried in the summation, “give the plebes the vote and they’ll vote for bread and circuses”. This phrase may fancifully be paraphrased into XXIst Century vernacular as “give the plebes the vote and they’ll vote for welfare and ipods” or as the current situation is, for Change. The Whig Party foundation is premised upon the governmental form of responsible representation. Responsibility to the government by the citizen and the resident, balanced by responsibility of the government to the citizen and the resident with a fulcrum, or balance point, of duty, being the foundation for a democratic republic wherein citizens are all equal before the law, and both citizens and residents are on a level playing field for prosperity and individual freedoms.

    The Whig purpose is to provide to the citizens a government that will create an economic and social environment in which the individual may develop himself to his ideal, economically, socially and spiritually; & to protect him from external harm. Man is by nature productive and harmonious in his being. A government that does not create such an environment is a failure by definition. President John Quincy Adams said it, it is the responsibility of government to improve the conditions of life for those who are subject to its authority; otherwise government can never accomplish its lawful ends.

    In 1788, there were no political parties as such. Jefferson was in France, Hamilton, Madison and Washington gathered loosely as Federalists and Henry, Mason, Randolph, Gerry and others as democrats. Both groups accepted the vitality of Republicanism as the form of government to go with, and both rejected Democracy as completely inadequate as a form of long-term, survivable government. When Jefferson returned and found himself at odds with Hamilton and Washington, he suborned Madison and basically formulated the Democratic-Republicans as an opposition to the Federalists. These two groupings find their philosophical foundations in the writings of Hamilton and Madison, and Jefferson and Madison. By 1812 the 1787 Constitution had been broken numerous times. The Alien and Sedition Acts and Marshall’s legislating opinion in Marbury v Madison and its progeny are just two among many. Jefferson himself knew that he had not the authority to spend any money yet he spent millions to purchase the Louisiana Territory. His military adventure with Commodore Preble in the Mediterranean was only a continuation of the precedent set by John Adams, both of whom knew that their actions were not permissible as unconstitutional, yet absolutely necessary. With the death of the Federalists, caused by their refusal to support both the government and the troops during The War of 1812, there came a period of practically no political party, but one of populism resulting in the debacle of the Andrew Jackson administration. Jackson’s party was the Democratic Party, the hyphen Republicans having been dropped to denote the populist nature of what had been an aristocratic institution. Vestiges of the Federalists were Whigs, but their foundation ran back to colonial times and had a monarchical timbre, even so, they were still the moderate voice of progressive conservatism.
    With the advent of manifest destiny, and the attempts to extend slavery, a counter to the Democratic-Republican Party developed in the left-wing liberal Republican Party. Many Democrats split from the party to join this new party of civil rights for all and economic expansion through embracement of both industry and free trade. Lincoln ran in 1856 and lost, and then he won the electoral vote, but not the popular vote, in both 1860 and 1864.
    In the 1840’s and 1850’s the schism of Dixie-Crat and Democrat appeared for the first time. This division was regional, and the split followed philosophical lines similar to those of the low federalist and the early Democratic-Republicans. In 1861 comes the absolute death of the 1787 Constitution and the beginning of the government of the two parties shielded by the bureaucratic organism left from the death of that constitution.
    The death of the 1787 Constitution had its seeds in the arguments over the Ohio River Basin and the Mississippi River Basin. New England wanted expansion into the, now, Mid-West, and the South wanted trans-Appalachian expansion including control of New Orleans. Threats of secession from both sides existed from the First Continental Congress up to and including the two actual secessions in 1860.
    As an aside, it’s interesting to note that the Revolutionary War of 1776 did not actually end until 1819. 1819 being when the provisions and accords of the 1783 Treaty of Paris being finally fulfilled and the British Army removing itself from the occupied areas of what are now Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and portions of Pennsylvania.
    In the 1790’s, Jefferson and Madison wrote the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, clearly showing the legitimacy of secession, both were accepted and passed as amended by the legislatures of both states. In 1814, in Hartford Connecticut, the New England states, after three years of treasonous trade with Canada and refusal to support, send troops or help finance the War of 1812, voted not to secede. The fact that they held conclave to vote proves secession’s legitimacy. In 1856, Lincoln gave a speech which included his recognition that secession was legitimate.
    Further, as a matter of contract, the contract does not exist after a material breach or through rescission. Once the government formed under the 1787 Constitution repudiated the foundation of the Constitution, it ceased to exist, hence, we’ve had government at the whim of the two parties, which is why the Bush II administration can claim to be Republicans, yet spend taxes like Socialists, and the Democrats can claim to be representative of everyman, yet only represent various fringe groups.
    The Whig position is to correct the accumulation of errors and abuse by the two ruling parties. The Whig Party will do this by requiring that Whig Candidates for either elected or appointed office meet certain minimum requirements and by agreeing, in writing, to specific party planks and to there accountability in furthering those specific issues while in office.
    In order to further this process, you need for form a local chapter of The Whig Party. If your state does not already have one, which it probably doesn’t at this time, you will need to start one.
    You will first need to go to your state’s web-site, click on legislation, and locate the statutory requirements for becoming a political party. Then, you must follow them. Although similar, each state has different requirements in place in order to preserve the dominance of the two major parties. As of the publication date for the plan, there is no national party, but there will be one in time.
    One of many things kept from you about the political process is that there is no such thing as a write-in vote. The space on the ballot for write-in candidates is there only to cover those people who qualified as a candidate after the date that the ballot went to the printer’s.
    Another is the voting process. In Platte County MO, the bureaucrats have interpreted the law such that the Libertarians cannot have a poll sitter. The rules provide that there must be an equal number of party members as election judges. In most precincts, that means three democrats and three republicans. When the Libs fielded a poll-sitter, he was refused admittance to the polling place, other than to cast his own vote. The rationale was that he was balanced by the other parties!
    To further eliminate freedom, the homeless have been allowed to register using their “park bench” as a residence, ACORN to falsify registrations, and, in MO, AG Robin Carnahan, in violation of Federal Law, has required that the Social Security Card, be accepted as proof of identity at the polls!
    For a “third party” to be successful, it must come from a “grass roots” movement, otherwise, like Perot in the 90’s and Mondale in the 70’s, the local bureaucrats will see to it that the number of obstacles placed to prevent both the candidate and his message from getting across are overwhelming. For a third party to truly be successful, it must start fielding candidates for local school boards, county commissions, water districts, &c., as well as for Congress and the Presidency.

    The Manifesto is designed to do that as well as to serve as a foundation for government reform.

    The Manifesto of the Whig Political Party
    Not yet organized or incorporated; leave a comment and we’ll figure it out.

    Article I. The party is dedicated to the principle that the individual is the most competent person in deciding his own future

    Article II. The party is dedicated to the principle that the individual is responsible for himself

    Article III. The party is dedicated to the principle that the purposes of government are twofold: 1) To protect its citizens from all external threats; and 2) To provide a level playing field for all citizens with no exception so that the individual may succeed or fail, as he may so proceed, in accordance with his own will, abilities and direction

    Article IV. The party is dedicated to the principle that government is the servant of its creators, the citizens

    Article V. The party is dedicated to the principle that only a person who has served his country, through honorable military service or honorable civil service, such as The Peace Corps, Vista or Americorps, should be elected or appointed government officials, provided that they are in all other ways competent for the job

    Article VI. The party is dedicated to the principle that the wealth that one earns through whatever means that are legal, or that he inherits, is his and not his neighbors’

    Article VII. The party is dedicated to the principle that the cost of government should be shared equally by all

    Article VIII. The party is dedicated to the principle that the benefits of government is an inherent right of the citizen and that he may share them with non-citizens as a matter of charity, but never as matter of right

    Article IX. The party is dedicated to the principle that government is responsible to the citizenry

    Article X. The party is dedicated to the principle that fiscal responsibility is a necessary part of government and, therefore, to a balanced budget at all times except during time of declared war or national emergency

    Article XI. The party is dedicated to the principle of national fiscal responsibility and as such, a national debt that cannot be reasonably be paid off within a period of 25 years is not only excessive, but criminal

    Article XII. The party is dedicated to the principle that man is by nature productive and harmonious and, therefore, the government that interferes the least with its creators, the citizens, is the best, provided further, that it is also a righteous and just government

    Article XIII. The party is dedicated to the principle that government functions, and proprietary as well, be performed in a professional, competent and efficient manner

    Article XIV. The party is dedicated to the principle that all government policies, procedures and regulations must, repeat must be applied absolutely evenly to all citizens

    Article XV. The party is dedicated to the principle that criminals must be punished and that victims be made whole whenever and wherever possible

    Article XVI. The party is dedicated to the principle that neither place of birth nor social position is relevant to a person’s fitness for office

    Article XVII. The party is dedicated to the principle that what a person does is the only relevant standard in judging a persons fitness for place or position

    Article XVIII. The party is dedicated to the principle that all citizens are equal before the law, period

    Article XIX. The party is dedicated to the principle that land is never to be taxed, but that it may be taken for a specific government purpose; and, that the assignable right of reversion be a required element to the taking of the title and/or usufruct, and further, that the taking be paid for by not less than 10% over the market value of the property with all costs of relocation and dislocation counted into the market value of the property

    Article XX. The party is dedicated to the principle that every citizen has the right as an individual to grieve against the bureaucracy in the appropriate court of law

    Article XXI. The party is dedicated to the principle that all citizens are the government and as such, all citizens are all entitled to the right to bear arms; freemen bear arms forbidden to slaves and felons

    Article XXII. The individual has the right to live his life as he sees fit for only so long as he does not endanger the citizenry or any individual citizen

    Article XXIII. The party recognizes that there is a legal but not human, difference between citizens and all others, and that the rights and privileges of the citizen do not extend to all others except as a matter of revocable charity by the citizenry

    Proposed Legislative Goals:
    [NOT in priority order]

    1. Except in time of declared war or national emergency, the budget shall be balanced to within 5% of projected revenues

    2. The President shall have a line item veto on all bills

    3. [Either members of congress shall be limited to serving two terms per house or the 22nd Amendment (limiting the president to two terms) shall be repealed]

    4a. under no circumstance may eminent domain be used for any purpose other than a legitimate governmental purpose and the title holder shall retain an assignable absolute right of reversion
    b. This amendment shall apply to the states and their subdivisions

    1. The National Debt shall be reduced to no more than 10% of the budget within 25 years

    2. All research and development paid for with tax dollars, in whole or part, resulting in a patentable or copyrightable result, the proceeds from this patent or copyright will, pro rata, belong to the people and as such, be deposited in the national treasury

    3a. the national income tax will be a flat tax of a percentage of gross income
    b. The percentage shall range between 12 ½ % and 24%, inclusive, as the congress shall deem appropriate to the needs and expenses of government
    c. The initial percentage shall be 15%
    d. In time of declared war or national emergency, congress may increase the rate to 50% but only for so long as the declared war or national emergency shall exist
    e. The tax rate shall, except as a part of a declaration of war or declaration of national emergency, never increase by more than 1 ½ % in a given 18 month period. It may, however, be reduced from whatever height to 12 ½ % in one bill
    e. Revenue in excess of the expenses of government which exceed 10% of the costs of government, after reduction of the national debt to $0.00, shall be either returned within 60 days to the people, or require a forced reduction in the tax rate, or be placed in a “rainy day” fund which may only be invaded to pay for a regional emergency, or placed into the treasury of the National Academy

    4a. there shall be created a National Academy for the Arts, Sciences and Research and Development
    b. This academy shall be staffed by the best professors available, worldwide, whose compensation shall be tax exempt and never less than 7 ½ % more than that of the highest paid non-academy faculty in the United States
    c. Admission to this academy shall be strictly limited to those who have passed the admissions examinations, which shall be the same for all and impartially administered, in the American dialect of the English language and this dialect only, and impartially graded; The physical examination shall be the same as that administered to the candidates for admission to the United States Military Academy excepting for eyesight which may be corrected by lasik or similar surgery, which shall be provided by the academy’s School of Medicine, after reporting to the campus and being signed in
    d. Room in each entering class shall be made for foreign nationals who take the same exams, which shall be administered in the American dialect of the English language only, who make the cut, for up to but not to exceed, 10% of the admitting class
    e. The academy shall be administered as a military academy awarding to all graduates of the undergraduate program, a second lieutenancy in the militia of the United States, provided said graduates are American Citizens at the time of graduation
    f. This academy shall be accredited to award undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and post-graduate degrees
    g. This academy shall have a minimum student body size of 12,000 undergraduate students, and the graduate student body shall be taken only from the graduates of the academy’s undergraduate programs or those who can prove through examinations both academic and physical that they have completed a course of study at least as comprehensive as those graduates of the academy; this shall include military training and skills which must be comparable to those of academy graduates
    h. This academy shall cover all academic disciplines
    i. This academy shall be capable of performing, sub-contacting, or financing all research
    j. In the event that the academy shall succeed in research that results in a patentable or copyrightable result, any proceeds from this patent or copyright shall be split 50 – 50 with the treasury of the United States and the 50% attributable to the academy will be further split 85 – 15 with the 85% being pro rated amongst the researcher(s) who developed the patent or copyright and the 15% going into the academy’s discretionary fund
    k. These proceeds to the academy researchers shall be non-taxable as income
    l. The Chancellor of the Academy shall always be the out-going Chief-of-Staff of the United States Military
    m. The Department Head of each department shall always be a retired American Admiral or General AND must be a graduate of one of the following: the United States Military Academy, the United States Naval Academy, The United States Air Force Academy, The United States Coast Guard Academy, the Virginia Military Institute; or of some other United States University which meets all of the criteria, academic, physical, moral and ethical of the aforementioned schools
    n. There shall be one location for the academy and that location shall include consideration for the effects of geological catastrophe such as, but not limited to, a super-tsunami, the New Madrid Tectonic Fault and the blowing of the Yellowstone Caldera
    o. Congress will award all contracts for research and development to the academy who will then decide if said research and development can be performed by the academy and if not, whether the academy’s capabilities should be extended to include said research and development or whether it should be sub-contracted to an appropriate outside agency
    p. The budget for the academy shall be prepared jointly by the Chancellor and the Heads of Department to be presented to congress who may enhance or diminish the budget but may at no time reduce the compensation of the faculty and staff, nor diminish the expense for housing, feeding or clothing the students, nor the library, nor reduce what would be in a state university, tuition expenses

    5. The policy of suspended sentences shall no longer be available to federal judges

    6. Jurors shall no longer be excused for other than cause shown

    7. Jury candidates will not be exempted from immediate jury duty except for health reasons shown and proven; and, when the health emergency has passed, the prospective juror, unless dead, shall present himself for jury duty. If he shall fail to present after the passing of the health emergency, he shall be subject to criminal contempt of court and charged not less than $25,000 AND imprisoned for a period not less than 25 continuous days without respite

    8. Jurors shall present to the court certified copies of their most recent year’s income tax form from which the court shall ascertain an hourly rate by dividing the prospect’s reported taxable income by 2,040 from which the juror will be paid this hourly rate for the first 40 hours of jury duty, 1 ½ X this rate for the hours 41 through 60 and 2X this rate for all hours over 60. In the event that jurors are required to remain over ten hours in any given day, the court will supply a nutritious dinner during a 45 minute break between the 8th hour and the 9th hour. In the event that jurors are required to be sequestered over night, the court will provide quarters comparable to those of the presiding judge of the jurisdiction

    9. Congress may pass no law, except that pertaining to National Security, from which it may exempt itself

    10a. The Office of Personnel Management may discriminate for no reason whatsoever excepting the granting of a minimum of a 100 point bonus to honorably discharged veterans applying for a federal job; OPM WILL follow a policy of hiring the best person available for the job regardless of race, age, gender, religion, personal politics, place of birth, or irrelevant handicap (if the job requires two feet and a double leg amputee applies, he is ineligible because he can’t do the job; and, in the event that a blind person applies for a job that requires reading, then the compensation for the blind person’s reader shall be deducted from the blind person’s compensation which if that is inadequate then the blind person shall make up the difference or be ineligible for the position), with the only exception being for national security reasons, in which case profiling is acceptable as a reason for non-hiring an individual
    b. the standards of 10a shall apply to all contractors, vendors, suppliers or any and all others and their sub-contractors doing business with the federal government including all those who receive federal funds for any purpose whatsoever and same shall extend to all receiving any and all federal benefits and/or guarantees to services, properties, loans, and all else of any and all kinds whatsoever without restriction under penalty of fine, incarceration and loss of citizenship if a U.S. citizen.

    11. The “Golden Rule” will be implemented regarding foreign trade

    12. All countries doing trade with the United States will allow and protect U.S. unions to attempt to organize local labor. And, any foreign labor union wishing to join or affiliate itself with the AFL – CIO will be granted the same privileges as that of any foreign corporation doing business in the United States.

    13. The Absolute Truth in Broadcasting Act. Any information broadcasted or published with the intent to influence the actions of a citizen, whether it be consumer or political or “news”, must be the absolute truth. Any deception, misdirection or falsehood shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $1,000 and not more than $10,000 per broadcast; meaning, if you claim that your political opponent voted against a raise for the military on three separate TV stations, three times over three days for a total of 27 broadcasts, you will pay a fine of not less than $27,000 nor more than $270,000 unless that piece of information is the absolute truth. As an example, if you do broadcast that your opponent voted against a raise for the military, but that the raise package was an addition to some bill that he could not vote for, you must inform the public in the same broadcast as to why your opponent voted that way. If you claim that your car is the number one seller, you had better have the statistics to prove it, &c.

    14. Lobbyists are required to publish 30 days prior to any primary and 30 days prior to any general election of a federal candidate for office in a general circulation newspaper and provide to a local television broadcaster, a complete list of all monies, gratuities, gifts, comps, &c., of any and all kinds whatsoever to any and all candidates running for federal office in that election; and further, the font size may be no smaller than that used in the lead story on page one, column one in the paper.

    – 86 –
    More at:

  4. Check out the concept ‘Overton Window’. I’ve listed some old links from Needlenose, daily Kos, Pandagon and more. The Wiki is still the king of scare me silly

  5. Your blog template is not correctly displayed in the window of my browser! Please fix! I really liked the article, I will read this blog always! I am very interested in software))) +1

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