Gunther Asks If I’m an Idiot

Here’s a comment logged a few minutes ago (edited for brevity, read the whole thing here).

Are you an idiot or did you make an honest mistake?
To me it looks more like there is very little actual delivery happening and you made a mistake.
The US mint sold 2000 2 million oz and has not the capacity to mint three quarters of a million oz in 2008? Limited capacity does not make for a good excuse; limited supply seems more likely.
American Gold Eagle Bullion Sales (ounces)
1986 1,787,750
1987 1,253,000

2007 198,500
2008 794,000

On a related note, why are gold-friendly news published in less-popular outlets?
The UK Telegraph publishes “Merrill’s wealthy customers buy physical gold”. That might be news for US papers too. But now it got published in a paper with little readers and the story is not new anymore and will not be published by another paper or Internet news service. That is a way to keep the readership of such news small.
In a similar way a failure in a German 10 year bond auction got more attention in the FT then in German newspapers. In the German Handelsblatt the same news was well hidden (published in headlines shortly after 6 pm) and got a more positive spin.;2121917
and for the FT:

If everything was fine, an official audit of the gold at Comex and in Fort Knox would finish the discussion. Why does it not happen?

My response:

Hi Gunther,

“Yes” to your first question, “Am I an idiot?” and
“Yes” to your second question, “Did I make an honest mistake.”

They’re not mutually exclusive, even idiots can make honest mistakes!

I’m still a huge gold and silver bug, with my personal emphasis on silver. I do, however, stand amazed at the level of duplicity and deception regarding COMEX and precious metals.

The Shadow Powers are digging deep into their bag-o-tricks to convince all of us there is NO SAFE HAVEN and, even if there were, it wouldn’t be precious metals. (”Run to Treasuries! Run to Money Markets!”)

As you point out, there ARE shortages. Eveidence enough is the simple fact that actual prices for gold and silver, for the first time, demand a huge premium over COMEX spot pricing.

Audit COMEX? I know Jim Sinclair said he would look into this very topic this weekend even though he’s travelling in Africa right now.

I look forward to hearing from him on the subject.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughful comment!



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