Oops! Swiss Bank Accts Not Private

Well, first you found out your safety deposit box could be confiscated. Then we hear this from the New York Times:

In a step that would have once been unthinkable in the rarefied world of Swiss banking, UBS will shut about 19,000 accounts that prosecutors suspect have gone undeclared to the Internal Revenue Service.

Under pressure from federal authorities, the Swiss bank UBS is closing the hidden offshore accounts of its well-heeled American clients, potentially allowing their secrets to spill into the open.

The clients now face stark choices: they can cash their checks, and thereby alert the authorities to any potential wrongdoing, or not cash them, effectively losing their money.

Or they can transfer the money to new banks, a procedure which, in the case of foreign banks, requires depositors of more than $10,000 to report the new account to the Treasury Department.

“You can either take that check and throw it in the woods, or deposit it somewhere and get busted,” said a UBS client, who asked not to be named because of the investigations into UBS and its clients. “There’s nowhere to hide.” [more]

I guess now’s not the time to remind you the IRS has no legal authority to tax personal income (only corporate income). Watch the late Aaron Russo talk with IRS Commissioner Sheldon Cohen on YouTube. He discovers there is no law authorizing a direct, unapportioned tax on labor.


Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 2

If you wish to read or refresh before reading this, part 2, see: 
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 

Following are some personal comments. Feel free to skip the text in blue to get straight to the “good stuff” from J. Donald Walters.

I first met this man, J. Donald Walters, whom I call a living saint, in the summer of 1995. It was at the annual “Spiritual Renewal Week” held in the spiritual community he founded outside Nevada City, CA.

The Moment I Knew JDW Was a Saint
Background: I was keen to meet this man. I’d read many of his books and had listened to his talks and his music. I wanted to know first hand if he was legit.

Why legit? As I later remarked to a friend, I’d been suspicious of religious figures ever since I went through a proselytizing “born-again-Christian phase” in my early teens. The bitter disappointment and confusion that resulted when I lost my naivete (courtesy of Derek Prince, Hal Lindsey, et al) catapulted me into my new religion: science. As a self-styled “scientist” I had no use for religion’s crutch.

That is, unitl I read AY by P. Yogananda in late 1991. What a shock to the system. Here was a man who, in the most sincere and believable way, described the most remarkable experiences. He proffered rational explanations for miraculous events and explained God in terms that resonated deeply with me. I had to admit, either he was the biggest liar I had known, or I was extraordinarily mistaken in my view of life, God and the universe.

I eventually had to admit I was indeed mistaken. I wanted to meet Yogananda, but he had died in 1952. However, J. Donald Walters had studied with him and he was still alive and living in California. So, you see, I just had to know: was he legit or would he be another disappointment?

Scene: the sun is setting behind the Sierra Nevadas, the air is scented with pine. The evening’s entertainment, an outdoor concert held in the garden terrace above his house, is midway through the first half.
Mr. Walters sits on a stool grasping program notes; the musicians, arrayed to his left, are playing one of his instrumental compositions. The audience sits across the pool from the stone dais; a wasp alights on the water for a quick drink.

Action: I’m watching Mr. Walters intently. Mr. Walters’ eyes are closed, a gentle smile on his face as the audience enjoys the music. I notice his eyes open and he looks out at someone sitting at the far edge of the group way to my right. Slowly and deliberately he sweeps his gaze clockwise taking in each listener in the audience.

Briefly, his eyes meet mine.

I’m stunned. What just happened? Such love communicated with a just a glance! He continues to sweep the group with his gaze ’til he reaches the far left. Then, yes!, he starts sweeping back. I’m going to be ready this time…Here comes his gaze…Whoosh! Searchlights of a sublime and benevolent, yet impersonal, love wash over me. Over all of us. This was not a syrupy love, nor a love that harbors a desire or seeks a reaction. This was not the love of a man nor human. This was a love for all from some Higher Source. “Holy crap!” I thought (I know, not very spiritual of me!).

The song ended. Somewhere an exhuberant black woman emitted a muffled squeal of delight, “Eewwww!” perfectly punctuating the woodsy sublime silence. I knew how she felt!

This was the kind of love that can only come through someone, not from someone. And it came in the gaze of that man sitting on the stool.




Excerpt 2 from J. Donald Walters’ 2005 “Material Success”

Will Everything Work Out for the Best in the End?
Material Success through Yoga PrinciplesOf course it will! Everything does, for duality swings back and forth. Good times will always turn bad again, in the end! That phrase, “in the end,” however, can cover a long period of time.

My Guru stated that the coming upheavals will eventually produce an era of worldwide peace and prosperity. It is even a good thing for America, in the long run, that so much of her wealth is presently being produced in other, relatively poor countries. Thus, international production is equalizing the prosperity of all peoples, even if Americans fail to realize that non-productivity at home will be, in the long run, to their economic detriment.

Leading Desease of Modern Times
The process, however, will be initially painful for everyone – for Americans, because they will wake up to the fact that, in actually producing less, they have less real wealth; and for poor countries, because they are much too dependent at present on the strength or weakness of the dollar.

No one country deserves to be singled out for sole blame. What is really happening is that the leading disease of modern times, greed, is infecting the whole planet. Until things balance themselves out, the worldwide upheaval will cause pain everywhere.

Nuclear War is Impossible?
Anyone, moreover, who believes that world wars are a thing of the past, is closing his eyes to the obvious. Again and again one hears the comforting words, declared with firm conviction: “A nuclear war is impossible: No one would accept something so horrible!”

Everywhere, however, hatred seems to be on the increase; fear is on the increase; envy, jealousy, and anger are on the increase. People are willing – indeed, they seem eager – to blame everyone but themselves! How can peace come to a planet that seethes with such negative emotions?

Understandably, no one wants to hear predictions of doom and disaster. Most people, perhaps, would rather stop their ears than listen to such words.

Facing Facts
material-success-sidebar160x555I myself, as a boy in the 1930s, lived in Europe. I knew at first hand the fear Jews held of persecution. I also saw them react in two ways to that fear. One group emigrated abroad to safety. The other group kept on affirming that fear was groundless. Meanwhile, everyone in Europe saw Adolph Hitler on newsreels, inflaming his countrymen with hatred of the Jews.

The motivation for that hatred was envy. Those Jews who decided it would be wise to leave Europe while there was still time were the pragmatic ones. The wishful thinkers dismissed fear as “negative thinking.” The realists asked, in reply, “What is so negative about facing facts?”

I was on a train once, traveling across Germany on my way to school in England. When the train reached the Dutch border, a man in my brother’s sleeping compartment was arrested by the German Gestapo. What could we assume but that he ended in a concentration camp, where, as we were to learn in time, millions died?

Is it “negative thinking” to face the possibility that these things may happen again?

Global War of Terrible Proportions
I don’t insist that you accept this view of the future. I do consider it my duty, however, to share with you what I consider to be a more than likely event.

Why not make a few preparations, at least, for that eventuality? It is evident that there is a danger of hard times ahead. If I am wrong, you will anyway have made a sensible investment. If a global depression does arrive, and perhaps even a global war of terrible proportions, you may be able with a little preparation not only to help yourself and your family, but also to save many friends as well as others.

These are difficult possibilities to face, but surely it would be unwise to do nothing to prepare for them. There are at present too many signs pointing in the direction of disaster.

Changing Mass Karma
Wishful thinking cannot change the world’s karma. Positive thinking may help to mitigate that karma, but even mitigation will require a far greater change in mass consciousness than we are seeing today. As long as greed rules the mass consciousness, it must be accepted there are serious lessons needing to be learned.

Were everybody to turn to God, the trials would certainly be mitigated. Karma, however, which is simply energy in action, cannot be destroyed: It can only be minimized, by an equal and differently directed energy.

How likely is it that mass greed will be dissolved by mass love? Not likely at all! Too many people have turned away mentally from God. Foolishly, they blame Him for their suffering when it is something they’ve brought on themselves. Meanwhile, a consciousness of greed, hatred, and increasing violence is festering in too many hearts.

Coming Attractions: A New and Wonderful World
“After the coming disasters,” Paramhansa Yogananda prophesied, “humanity will have grown so tired of violence that it will live in peace for three hundred years.” It will be, he said, a new and wonderful world. Meanwhile, the question forces itself upon us: “Have they suffered enough yet?” In answer to that question, one cannot help observing that the main causes of man’s present suffering – hatred and greed – are on the increase. They are not diminishing.

“Someday,” the Master predicted, “America and India will join hands and lead the world to a right balance between spiritual and material practicality.”

Coming up…

In the next excerpt from “Material Success” J. Donald Walters writes on:
1) How soon will these dire predictions be fulfilled?
2) The financial drowning of millions.
3) What’s the right attitude during lean times?
4) The six things you should do right now.

Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3