Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 4

This is part 4 of 5. If you wish to read or refresh before continuing see:
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 2
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3

Following are some personal comments. Feel free to skip the text in blue to get straight to the “good stuff” from J. Donald Walters.

“Material Success” by JDW: A Wake-Up Call
Meltdown2011.com is my attempt to warn everyone I care about of the coming worldwide financial Armageddon, and what to do to protect yourself.

I want to convince you to take action NOW to make your life more secure in the future. Time is not on your side; events are already in motion with unstoppable momentum.

Those of you who do not prepare will be crushed under the wheels of this economic juggernaut. [find more hyperbole here]

Back in the summer of 2005 I was not prepared.

Sure, I had some savings, sure I had a 401K. I paid no attention to the markets in which my retirement was invested. I relied on a sincere Financial Planner I knew to “take care” of my financial future.

J Donald Walters“Material Success” shook me awake. Knowing the man who wrote it, knowing the depth of his concern for his fellow man and knowing he had no ulterior motive save helping others, I listened. The first time I read it I sat in stunned silnce and reflected upon it. Then I immediately reread it.

That day I decided to take responsibility for my, and my family’s, well-being to the best of my ability. I began following gold and silver prices. I began researching stock market trends. I learned about “bubbles” and how they were likely to recur. And I learned about possible future “cataclysms” he discussed.

In other words, as best I could I vetted his claims and concerns. And it looked like JDW was right.

Please consider what he wrote three and one half years ago. Now, it seems eerily prophetic. Please consider taking the steps he suggests to protect yourself and your loved ones. Only if you are prepared will you be able to extend a helping hand to others when the time comes.



Excerpt #4 from J. Donald Walters’ 2005 “Material Success”

The Most Important Investments
Material Success through Yoga PrinciplesI myself have never been interested in money for money’s sake. As the founder of several communities, however, which have been dependent on my practical and not only my spiritual guidance, I’ve considered it important to keep abreast of the broader economic picture. I’ve reflected deeply, therefore, on my guru’s predictions regarding the world economy. He, too, was concerned for others’ welfare. In trying to keep abreast of these matters, I’ve made a study of things that would otherwise have been of little interest to me.

Investment #1: Silver & Gold
From what I have studied, it seems clear to me that the safest investments, monetarily, are silver and gold. These investments are the ones most highly recommended by people whose counsel I incline to believe.

Of other investments I am more doubtful, even though these, too, are highly recommended. I consider the sustained value of such collectibles as paintings, for example, to be less reliable. Large items, moreover, are more susceptible to damage or theft. Gems, though small and easy to transport, undergo wide fluctuations in their market value.

Investment #2: Land
What my Guru particularly urged people to invest in was land. He wasn’t thinking of its monetary yield; in other words, he wasn’t counseling people how to be greedy with safety! Rather, he urged them to think in terms of having life’s basics, so as to be free to concentrate on higher things, and of course especially on the search for God.

I want to emphasize that the Master wasn’t recommending investment in income-producing property such as apartment houses. Certainly he wasn’t trying to make landlords of people. His recommendation was to purchase only enough land as one needs in order to supply one’s self and a few others with the basic needs. With land, they could grow their own food, have a sufficient water supply, and if they buy with discrimination, not burden themselves with heavy mortgage payments.

During economic hard times, the definition of material success is not money, but security.

Whatever assets you have, invest as much money as you can in things that you can control. You cannot control the stock market.

Put whatever money you can spare into buying land with arable soil.
1) Plan to grow your own food.
2) Buy property in a low-tax area, and
3) preferably where there is a minimal danger of social unrest.

material-success-sidebarThere is a supposedly true story about a man who, in the aftermath of World War I, realized that there was likely to be a World War II. In an effort to avoid it, he traveled throughout the world in search of some place that would, he hoped, be trouble free. Finally he bought land and settled on the island of Guam. That was in the mid-1930s. As many still remember, in only a few years Guam was the epicenter of the Pacific war theater in World War II!

Place your faith in God above all. He expects you to use common sense also, but don’t concern yourself too fearfully with finding a place of perfect safety.

Your very fear might attract danger like a magnet.

Human life will never be perfectly secure. Do what seems reasonable to you, then leave the results in God’s hands. Remember, sooner or later you will have to leave this world anyway; it is not your true home. Do what seems reasonable, therefore, but be free of attachment to the results of your actions.

If you hold that attitude, you will certainly find it in keeping with yoga principles to be sensible also. Don’t imagine that God will be more pleased with you if you face life passively with the thought, “Whatever comes is my karma. I can’t control anything in my life.”

The purpose of karmic law is to teach us, through punishment and reward, to act always for the best. Don’t expect to be protected by faith alone – unless, indeed, your faith is so strong, and focused so one-pointedly, that all your energy flows toward God.

Buy land within your means. If you can’t buy it outright, get property that you can pay off in a reasonably short time. Try to settle in the general vicinity of a small town, where others can help you in times of need.

Don’t get land too near a large city, where violence might easily erupt during general social upheaval. If that land should contain a house, all the better, but if it doesn’t and you can afford to build, or if you have the skill to build a home for yourself, it may be to your advantage to build exactly according to your own tastes and needs.

Investment #3: Basic Necessities
Food, clothing, shelter: these are life’s basic necessities. If possible, store basic food supplies: foods that will retain their freshness a long time. Make sure that whatever food you buy for future use is tightly sealed, in an air-proof container, safe from mice, insects, and other pests, and safe also from excessive heat and humidity.

In this modern age, many people are accustomed to such amenities as electricity. In times of emergency, however, electricity can be dispensed with relatively easily. At Ananda Village it was years before most of us could install electricity in our homes. We were perfectly comfortable with bottled gas for cooking, and, for lighting, kerosene, candles, or oil lamps.

One thing that will help your home very much during extremes of cold and heat will be insulation in the walls – particularly in the ceilings. That insulation needn’t be expensive. Even newspapers, wadded up and crammed into the walls, can be very effective. Books are available on this subject. Study them, and see what kind of construction will be the most cost-effective, efficient, and practical in your area.

If you can’t live immediately on your property, try to get away to it for weekends, and also for longer periods occasionally. Even if there has to be someone on the property to take care of it, you may be able to supervise from a distance the creation of a small vegetable garden.

Coming up:

In the final excerpt from “Material Success” J. Donald Walters writes on:
1) Your energy is an essential investment.
2) Including others in your investments.
3) Can you survive tough times alone?

Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 5


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  1. Aha !! Seldom do we bear witness to a cool post like this , It’s a clear testament of your capability … This work is perpetually your asset and you’ll be perpetually glad of your goals which you have arrived at with such skill !! We ought to never lose sight of all you’ve made at this place and we’ll always be with you !!!

  2. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  3. Adeptus-

    This is a fascinating, first-hand account of what it’s like to live through the tough times that are heading our way. Great suggestions in the article.

    Thanks for posting the link!

  4. This is a long but worthy article to read about when The ‘SHTF’ in Argentina, and how one individual and his family managed to survive through it. Lots of great tips for 2011 & beyond.


  5. Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!

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