Week of Jan 19, 2009

2009-01-12smMeltdown Poll
Colin Powell, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama have all warned of some kind of “crisis”, generated or otherwise, that will test Obama shortly. What is it? CME, NBR attack, H5N1, MPS? Take your pick.
Poll: Obama’s 1st Crisis? 

Results from last week Poll: What Are You Invested In?

It’s Semi-Official: Depression
ShadowStats.com has reported the real retail sales and industrial productivity figures (not the manipulated gov’t numbers).
Stats Say Yes, It’s a *Depression*

Do the last 8 years feel like they’ve dragged on 4ever? Here’s photographic proof why…
Fail to the Chief, Episode One
Fail to the Chief, Episode Two
Fail to the Chief, Episode Three
Fail to the Chief, Bonus Round

Landmark Post
What if you had been warned over 3 years ago about the worldwide financial Armageddon currently unfolding?

Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 (depression and cataclysm)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 2 (global war of terrible proportions)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3 (6 things to do right NOW)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 4 (best investments)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 5 (survive outside the city)

Vaporize COMEX
button-vaporize-comex-white-backCOMEX controls the paper price of gold and silver, and encourages manipulation by gov’t agents as a method of supporting the dollar through suppression of the price of gold and silver. Once COMEX inventories are sufficiently depleted this manipulation will end, freeing the price of precious metals.

Follow the progress:
Chart: COMEX Gold Inventory 
Chart: COMEX Silver Inventory.


Stats Say Yes, It’s a *Depression* 
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 KEY INFO
– 2009: Worst Still Ahead 
Best Way 2 Control the Masses
– Uncle Sam’s Gold Grab   
Something of Historic Proportions Is Happening 
Deflation Xforming to Inflation Soon

Shadow Powers Plan for 2011 
Sober Prediction for Nov. 2009 
– Quit DOW Now! KEY INFO
>> How to Rate Your Bank’s Safety <<
History of the Meltdown… (on-going)

Remember what’s in store for us: What’s Coming R Way


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