Oil Insider Warns of Economic Calamity

lindsey-williamsOn July 9, 2008 Lindsey Williams claimed to have inside info on future plans of the “elite of the world.”

Back then, oil was pushing through $138/barrel and gas had never been more expensive.

Mr. Williams said he had been told by the “elite” that oil would continue to rise until it hit $150 to $200/barrel, then plummet to under $50/barrel. Gas prices would collapse to under $2/gallon. You can verify this by listening to the original radio broadcast on YouTube [link].

Guess what he’s saying now?
Henry Makow listened to the latest interview of Baptist minister and former chaplain for Big Oil, Lindsey Williams, on American Voice Radio and took notes. [Edited for length, read it in its entirety here: link]

1) The reason why the “elite” dropped the world price of oil down below $50 a barrel was to wage economic warfare against the Arab/ OPEC countries.   “They” seek to bankrupt OPEC countries, especially the Iranians by cutting their revenues more than 75%. 

2) Gold and Oil generally move in tandem i.e., when oil goes up, so does gold.   This has not been the case since the oil market collapsed. Gold will now move independently of oil.

3) This year, 2009, the USA will face total financial collapse.  The dollar will also collapse in value, and it will take years for the US to recover.

4) He said we have more than enough oil in the USA for our own needs, but the so-called “elite” (as he calls them) have no intention of EVER developing a major oil field in the continental U.S. or Alaska.  “They” will not allow this country to become energy independent, and they intend to  continue to keep us dependent on foreign oil sources.

5) The handlers around Obama are, for the most part, members of the Council on Foreign Relations. There will be absolutely no change in either our domestic or foreign policy. Obama will follow orders and will take the fall for the economic calamity that is about to unfold.

6) Because of the tremendous cut in revenue to the Arab states (75%) Dubai will become a “wasteland.” 

7) The long term goal of “these people” is  to control and own everything.  “They intend to break us.” 

8) Gasoline will remain  at approximately $1.50 per gallon for the next year to a year and half.   This is killing the State government gas tax revenues.   Total, state tax revenues are collapsing. Expect many states to go bankrupt–especially California.

9) The ultimate objective is to “destroy the USA.”   At the same time “they” seek to consolidate control over all assets of any significance.  “They” already own and control, the banks, and the media. 

10) “They” intend to gain control of the entire auto industry.

11) “Within six to nine months we will be into full blown hyper inflation.”  Buy everything you need right NOW!!!!  Prepare your dinner table NOW!  It is going to be 1933 all over again.

12) “They” have given up on implementing the North American Union and are “going all the way.”  The goal is total global control of everything.  Global Government. Global bank. Global Currency.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Scott,

    Do you have an email for story suggestions? I do find many of them per day that I send around to other bloggers and media contacts. I did try to find a link to an email address on this site to send some to you. No luck.


  2. Yes, CA is in trouble. Good link!

    But how serious is it REALLY??

    The thing the states don’t tell us is that, while they’re showing horrendous Budget deficits their budgetsd DON’T tell the full story:

    Many states keep off-budget surpluses that only appear in their CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

    Check out the swindle used to bleed more $ from taxpayers here;


  3. On the subject of California…..

    California One Week Away from Issuing IOUs… Which May Not Be Accepted by Many Banks


  4. Lets’ see if I can verify the above points:

    1) Oil is down today to $43
    2) Not so sure. Oil is down to $43, Gold is also down to $899.
    3) I believe the US dollar is deflating in value. Especially as we’re seeing foreign investors losing theirs. China in particular.
    4) Then why has there an announcement last week by the Interior Dept. that offshore drilling will commence?
    LINK: http://tinyurl.com/a9p7u7
    5) No ‘change’. I’ll agree with that one – read #4’s link.
    6) It is why the Arab states are threatening to cut output in a quest to raise prices.
    7) They’re doing a good job at it.
    8) Fuel is going up. It’s currently at 1.80. Add many states to the that bankrupt list. Arizona, Rhode Island, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma…..
    9) ‘Destruction’ is commencing quite swimmingly.
    10) For what purpose, I don’t know why as sales of vehicles are abysmal worldwide. LINK: http://tinyurl.com/7a7lwr
    11) I don’t think he means big screen TVs either.
    12) The Earth Dollar?

  5. There are some pretty dire predictions there. Though He’s not the only one I’ve heard make such forecasts. I’m even starting to plan out taking some of my property and turning it into a garden to be on the safe side.

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