Week of Jan 26, 2009

The Secret Comes Out After 3 Months
Back on “Black Friday” Oct 10, 2008, it is revealed that Britain 3 Hours Away from “Going Bust”.

Dead Cat Bounce
Uh, ‘scuze me, but weren’t we supposed to get a nice “dead cat” bounce in the market this month? Check out this graph synchronizing 1929+ Dow with 2007+ Dow. 1929 Redux: Ben Battles the Bear   The picture ain’t pretty.

Market Bottom Is In!
I keep getting emails about “the market’s bottom is in.” KMA.

I’ve researched market indicators for years. There’s only ONE I have ever found that forecasted stock market trends accurately from 1920 onward.
It predicted the 1929-1935 crash and depression.
It predicted when the 1929 HIGH would be hit again (1960).
It predicted the 1970-1980 slump.
It predicted the massive bull market ov the 90s.
It predicts WHEN the real market bottom will be.
Link: Market Prediction for 2009-2010 (updated)

Meltdown Poll
vote-buttonPastor Linsey Williams says Big Oil has Big Plans in 2009 (Oil Insider Warns of Economic Calamity).

So, do YOU think Big Oil has been involved in other dirty deals in the last century?
Poll: Big Oil’s Influence

Results from last week’s Poll: Obama’s 1st Crisis? 
Your most popular choices for the first crisis for the first family?
#1 US economy enters death spiral.
#2 Hyperinflation triggers riots and martial law.
#3 MidEast in flames as US or Israel atack Iran.

Only four of you thought a False-flag alien attack was it.

Iceland Heats Up
Icelanders shed their “nice guy” image and take to the streets in the first violent protests in that country in 60 years. Iceland Burns

This led to the collapse of their government: Iceland’s Gov’t Resigns.

Landmark Post
What if you had been warned over 3 years ago about the worldwide financial Armageddon currently unfolding?

Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 (depression and cataclysm)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 2 (global war of terrible proportions)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 3 (6 things to do right NOW)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 4 (best investments)
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 5 (survive outside the city)

Vaporize COMEX
COMEX controls the paper price of gold and silver, and encourages manipulation by gov’t agents as a method of supporting the dollar through suppression of the price of gold and silver. Once COMEX inventories are sufficiently depleted this manipulation will end, freeing the price of precious metals.

Follow the progress:
Chart: COMEX Gold Inventory 
Chart: COMEX Silver Inventory.


Stats Say Yes, It’s a *Depression* 
Warnings & Advice from a Saint, Part 1 KEY INFO
– 2009: Worst Still Ahead 
Best Way 2 Control the Masses
– Uncle Sam’s Gold Grab   
Something of Historic Proportions Is Happening 
Deflation Xforming to Inflation Soon

Shadow Powers Plan for 2011 
Sober Prediction for Nov. 2009 
– Market Prediction for 2009-2010 KEY INFO
>> How to Rate Your Bank’s Safety <<
History of the Meltdown… (on-going)

Remember what’s in store for us: What’s Coming R Way


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