Week of Feb 2, 2009

Market Bottom Is In!?
We have just finished the “Worst January on Record for Stocks.” 

And yet I keep getting emails about “the market’s bottom is in.” KMA.

I’ve researched market indicators for years. There’s only ONE I have ever found that forecasted stock market trends accurately from 1920 onward.
It predicted the 1929-1935 crash and depression.
It predicted when the 1929 HIGH would be hit again (1960).
It predicted the 1970-1980 slump.
It predicted the massive bull market ov the 90s.
It predicts WHEN the real market bottom will be.
Link: Market Prediction for 2009-2010 (updated)

Landmark Post
What if you had been warned over 3 years ago about the worldwide financial Armageddon currently unfolding?

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Vaporize COMEX
COMEX controls the paper price of gold and silver, and encourages manipulation by gov’t agents as a method of supporting the dollar through suppression of the price of gold and silver. Once COMEX inventories are sufficiently depleted this manipulation will end, freeing the price of precious metals.

Follow the progress:
Chart: COMEX Gold Inventory 
Chart: COMEX Silver Inventory.


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