How to Take Over the World: 7 Steps

George Ure has an interesting take on The Shadow Powers and what a world-wide takeover effort might look like. Excerpt from his Peoplenomics report follows.

Suppose, just for a moment, that the PowersThatBe really wanted to gain absolute control over all aspects of the world.  In other words, suppose for a moment that 300+ families at the top of all the sociopolitical heaps out there decided that once and for all, they would instill their own power structure on the whole of the planet. 

How would you do it?

Step 1: You might begin by setting up the game board so that everyone at the ‘top’ of participating countries has something BIG to gain.  Globalization  has done a dandy job of that.  Why, just think of all the money former US presidents have made getting involved in various factories and land in places like South America, China, and so forth!  Staggering amounts of wealth and most of it untouchable/nontaxable. 

Step 2: Then you’d get the forces of the target country that could put up resistance to your plans out of the country.  A “terrorist” attack that could be ramped up into an eight-years long series of wars that bring almost all available US forces out of the domestic scene would work just fine, wouldn’t it?

Step 3: Need a few proxy issues?  Things which can whip the public up when necessary?  How about Global Warming?  Why bother reminding people that one of the reasons why urban temperatures are much hotter today than they were 20-years ago has everything to do with ‘heat islands’ and let your proxy (perhaps a former vice president) do the promotion for you?  Along with a new economic deal (carbon credits) which could be turned into land-grabs by the PTB on command and production of some ‘new important scientific finding.

Step 4: Then you crash the economy.  This not only effectively cuts off the supplies of the United States, which depends on everywhere else for trade, but it also allows financial control of people who do not conform to your plans.  Shut off their cards, then off their credit, throw them out of homes and you’ve got the makings for a full-scale revolution against the Constitution any way you want to mold it.

Step 5: Next, you make a concerted two-pronged attack on private gun ownership.  One attack would be on guns but the winning strategy would be to simply dry up ammo supplies.  You have, I assume seen the headlines that “Ammo flying of store shelves”?  Theories like “may be a fear of new taxes”, but it could be a little more insidious.

Step 6: I would argue that the PTB have already taken Washington.  They’ve done so through the mechanism of ‘special interest groups’ which band together and wield tremendous power and influence to the point that when regular citizens are calling CONgress at 300:1 against the bankster bailouts, the money is handed over anyway.

Step 7: Now, they seem to be setting up to take the States by force and that will be the real agenda of the ‘summer of hell’ from a PTB/upper management perspective, I fear.  Enough civil disorder and people will be anxious to rewrite the Constitution into a much less freedom-enhancing set of conditions.  Some more malleable to the corpgov agenda is obviously needed.  A summer of hell would provide the foundation.  And, should that not work, we’ll then see the absolute beggaring of the working class when all debts come due and the second phase of collapse – the one which will push the Dow under 1,000 – comes along in the late fall and into 2010. 

Window of Opportunity
No doubt about it, if I were advising the PowersThatBe on a strategic basis, I’d sure be telling them “You got a window of opportunity here until about mid 2010-2011 in which to crash the economy and install OneWorldism or whatever it will be branded…  Need lots of ‘crisis” and an economic crisis, mass unemployment, why the reg’lar folks will just eat up OneWorldism…”

All of which would sound like the ravings of a complete lunatic except for an ugly and undeniable footnote:  The facts all seem to fit.

You can read more, but you’ll have to pay $40/yr to subscribe to George’s Peoplenomics newsletter. It’s money well spent IMO.