Using US to Destroy US

david-icke-guide-to-global-conspiracyIn addition to his many books, David Icke authors a weekly newsletter. He’s been talking about the coming New World Order longer than just about anyone else–decades I believe. I think he’s 95% accurate*.  Excerpts:

This week Obama has employed the same Problem-Reaction-Solution techniques used by Bush to force through the spending of staggering amounts of borrowed money that will, as planned, destroy the American economy and therefore American society as we know it.
[Ed: see Obama: New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.]

What we are seeing here, under the guise of ‘saving’ America, is the calculated destruction of America. The insane amounts of borrowed money in the ‘Obama’ plan and that of his Treasury Secretary, the Zionist Tim Geithner (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations), will not work for one simple reason: It is not meant to work.

And when it doesn’t – as the Bush bail-out didn’t – then what? The armoury would be empty, just as it is planned to be.

I have been saying for years now that America is being used to destroy America. It has been used to instigate and fight Illuminati wars of conquest while being systematically undermined militarily and financially. The reason is simple: there is no place for a superpower in the New World Order of centralised global control.

The “Org Chart” for World Gov’t
This is the graphic I have been using for nearly 15 years to explain the political and military structure of the planned Orwellian global state:


So much of what is happening today can be understood from this structure alone. The Illuminati are working towards a world government dictatorship that would control every country. That can’t happen while there are still superpowers with the military and financial might to resist the will of the world government.

The aim is to destroy all superpowers through financial collapse and war and so force them to become mere fiefdoms of the global tyranny. That’s why we are seeing the United States of America systematically dismantled through war and financial catastrophe.

Birth of the One World Gov’t
The same theme is also related to the second tier of that edifice of centralised power – the superstates that are planned to be the regional control-structure for the world government. These include a European Union-style American Union for the whole of the Americas.

The first stage of this was the creation of the free trade zone called NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Next is planned to be a North American Union with a single currency to replace the US and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso and the end of border controls.

You will see Obama pushing for this as a way out of the financial mess that his controllers have created and, once again, this could only be forced through if there are enormous problems that the people are manipulated to believe can only be solved by handing American sovereignty to a North American superstate.

Under the world government you can see a world central bank and this is another crucial reason for the current global financial collapse. We are already seeing the establishment of a world central bank being proposed to solve the crisis and ‘stop this happening again’.

Pump & Dump: 3 Easy Steps to Takeover
I have described in my books over the years the boom and bust techniques of the Illuminati which throw the fishing line out to catch the people and then reel them in. It goes like this:

1) Keep interest rates down and have the banking system make vast numbers of loans, even to the point where almost anyone can get credit. This has the effect of putting enormous amounts of money into circulation.

Chained By Debt2) As this money is spent it creates an economic boom as buying and thus production increases. Public and business confidence leads to a massive increase in debt as people borrow more to buy homes, cars, and so on, and businesses borrow more to increase capacity and production to meet demand.

3) Once you have reached the point of optimum debt you simply crash the system. You do this by taking money out of circulation through banks no longer lending what passes for money on anything like the scale they did before.

This is the same old, same old, technique that has been used to create the present financial problems now in search of solutions. Almost anyone could get credit at one stage in this ‘cycle’ and the ability to meet the payments were hardly a consideration (hence the ‘sub-prime’ mortgage debacle). This has been followed by a ‘credit crunch’ – taking money out of circulation.

Businesses are folding and millions losing their livelihood because there is not enough money in circulation any longer to buy what they were producing. And when you control the banks you control how much money is in circulation – you control the entire game.

Yes, This Is the “Big One”
But this is not your usual run-of-the-mill financial crisis to trawl the assets of the people for the Illuminati families that own the banks and financial houses. This is the ‘Big One’ they have been working towards that will create such a global financial crash that the masses will support the entire restructuring of the system to impose centralised global control of all finance.

Cash has Retired billboardThe collapse in the value of currencies also opens the way for new and fewer currencies that are designed to lead to a single world currency that would be purely electronic. Through this, a global computer would decide who could access ‘money’ and who could not. We are well on the way to that as cash goes out of circulation all the time in the face of competition from plastic cards and eventually the microchip.

This is why the fantastic spending plans of the Obama government and others around the world, like the United Kingdom, will not work because they are not meant to work. But what they will do is drown those countries in a tidal wave of debt that they will not be able to pay and thus they will be at the mercy of their creditors.

China virtually owns the United States because of the money borrowed from the Chinese dictatorship and where are at least most of these Obama trillions going to come from? China.

What happens to America and its people when they can no longer meet the debt repayments and China wants either its money or physical assets to the same value? It is worth noting that Obama’s mentor and controller, the Trilateral Commission co-founder, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wants a war involving the United States, China and Russia, among others.

Justifying Martial Law in the US
One other aspect of the plan is to encourage the population, through agent provocateurs and front organisations, to riot in the streets over the economic depression and so justify the introduction of martial law, the military used in domestic law enforcement, and the opening of prison (concentration) camps to deal with the dissidents and rioters. We are already seeing such riots in countries like France.

razorwire[list of prison camps by state]

The prison camps are in place in the United States under the control of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. I have been exposing this Illuminati front since the mid-1990s and it is no coincidence whatsoever that still new laws are now passing through Capitol Hill to give FEMA the right to use these camps for people under the guise of responding to terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

Put ‘FEMA camps’ into a search engine to find out more about these installations and click here for more on H. R. 645, the current bill ‘To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations’.

We have to be street-wise and realise that rioting will not only be ineffective, it offers the authorities the excuse they need to introduce a fully-fledged Police State. It is not rioting that we need, it is the people ceasing to co-operate with the system that seeks to enslave them.

[See also: Army Planning 4 Economic Collapse]

Save Yourself: Better Than Barter
Communities across America, and the wider world, need to start now to create their own means of economic exchange as the money-system is coldly collapsed. We need to realise that the solutions proposed by Obama and others will not work because they are not meant to work and instead of sitting around in the mode of ‘hope’ or wait-and-see we need to get organised – and fast.

Check out how the Local Exchange and Trading System (LETS) works to overcome the limitations of barter when the money system has collapsed – click here. People need to get together now and come up with their own ideas to keep economic activity and essential production going in the face of what is to come.

I have said many times since the banking crisis came to the surface last year that the present economic situation can be likened to those controlled demolitions that you see (like the Twin Towers). You see the charges go off and then there is a strange split second when nothing seems to happen before the building collapses in seconds.

We are in that ‘split second’ now in terms of the global economy. The charges have gone off and we can see that we have a problem, but the building has not yet begun to fall on anything like the scale that is planned.

We need to start thinking about and organizing community alternatives to the money system because these crazies have no intention of ‘solving’ the present crisis until they have pummelled humanity into the centralised money-system that I have warned about for so long.

The longer we wait and ‘hope’ the harder it will be and that’s another of Obama’s major contributions to his masters’ agenda – to use ‘hope’ as a way of buying time, (buying non-action by the people) until it’s too late.

We must not allow him to do it.

David Icke

*The other 5% is when he talks about reptilians: IMO an intentional red-herring to allow his credibility to be argued and keep himself safe.