If You Have No Silver I’ll Give You Some of Mine

***  Update 3/17/2009: 
***  Sorry, but I’ve run out of silver to give away.
***  (I’ve given away 73 ounces all together, worth about $1,050. )

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Yes, it’s true.

When someone I meet listens to me rant about how “ya gotta get some silver, dude, cuz it’s really GONNA HIT THE FAN SOON” I usually give them a 1 oz bar free. Figure it’ll keep ’em thinkin’ about protecting themselves with some more.

Now, it’s true WE haven’t met. But, if you’ll read this post Market Predictions for 2009-2010 I’ll consider it listening to me rant about PROTECTING YOURSELF and your family for what’s heading our way by 2011 (most likely sooner).

you don’t have any silver bullion now, and
2) you promise not to turn around and sell it on eBay, etc (c’mon, cross your heart now), and
3) you promise not to post this on some web site where I’ll get flooded with requests from greedy people (let’s just keep it between us, OK?)
I’ll send you an ounce on me.

And, yes, I’ll pay the postage, too. Sure, I’ll send it overseas if that’s where you live. Just leave your name & address in the “comments’ below. Once your silver’s in the mail I’ll blank out your address for safety.

Now remember: you’re getting gold or silver more for protection than investment, OK?

If you already have gold and silver CONGRATS! And thank you for protecting yourself and your family. Maybe you might even consider sharing some of yours with one of your friends? It will help them more than just words.


Monday's Mailing: This is startin' to feel like work!

Some of the people I’ve given an ounce to:
*David, Alice, James, Alaric, Don, Kevin, Tiff, Seth, Mike the UPS guy (worked up a sweat schlepping in silver from Apmex), Eric, Loren, J-Boy, Kim, Brad, Rachel, Hoov, Maury the Schwann’s guy, my dentist Phil S., Sandy, Patty, Noel, Joel, Alice, Ellen, Allen, Tonya, Austin, Baby Bri, Morgan, Kyle, Trev, Joe, Tom, the A/C guy, John F., Vincent F., Margaret L, T.K. Kreis, Brian Myres, Barry L., Barry Lightfoot, Jon Vere, Scott Schaefer, Dan McCutchan, Rhett, P. Pavlic, Connally Perry, Anne White, Brenda Arnold, Toni Palazzolo, Brad Kaniewski, Visah Nixon, Chris Cusak, Jure Gorjanc, John Pringle, Mark Perkins, Justin Asche, Mark Woodhouse, Shawn Foreman, Troy Uhlman, Scott Decker, Gary Schuberth, William Wu, Colin, Jaxon Mehlhoff, Alex Hoover, Jason, Michael McLain, R.W. Shade, Kaleb Harris, Arnold Frey, Steve Scott, N. Gardner

Most people say “if it’s too good to be true it probably is.” Guess what? This is one of those rare cases where it’s not.


***  Update 3/17/2009: 
***  Sorry, but I’ve run out of silver to give away.
***  (I’ve given away 73 ounces all together, worth about $1,050. )


Is this for real?

What’s the catch?
This is for silver newbies only. Don’t ask me for a free oz of silver if you already own some. And, don’t ask for more than 1 ounce.

How do you make money off this?
I don’t; that’s not my goal.

What is your goal? =)
To be happy. Helping people, especially people I don’t know, makes me happy. Ever paid for the car behind you at the drive-through? Same thing.

How many can I have?
One (per family/address).

Do I have to give you my address?
Um, yeah. Although, if you live in Omaha, Nebraska you could take me out to lunch…

How do I know I can trust you with my personal info?
Uh, I can’t think of a way. My wife thinks I’m nice enough (most of the time) and my 16 year old son still talks to me. Is that good enough?

Are you gonna send me junk mail/offers/solicitations?
Nope. I’m not selling anything.

Will you sell/give my info to someone else?
Nope again.

Can you send me an extra oz for my sister/brother/father?
No. Have them ask for their own.

How long are you gonna do this?
Until I run out or get tired of running to the post office.

How much do you have?
Enough for now.

What kind of silver is it?
I’m giving away some silver “art” bars I bought from APMEX a couple years back. They are 1 troy oz .999 fine silver bullion bars with (sometimes stupid-looking) embossed images on the front. Most were minted in the 1970s.

I bought them ‘cuz they were the cheapest form I could get. I now own a lot of 1oz Silver Eagles, some 5 and 10 oz bars, some “junk” US silver coins, and a bunch of 100 oz Johnson/Matthey & Englehard bars.

Can I choose my bar?
Um, OK. Click the image above to see what I have right now. Gimme your first and second choice, I’ll try to accomodate.

I don’t like the one you sent me. Can I send it back and get another?
Aw, c’mon. Just send it back and I’ll refund every penny you (didn’t) pay.

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124 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    Please send me a 1 oz silver bar/eagle to xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx,
    Athens, GA xxxxx.

    I am interested in Silver investing, but do not have an approach yet. Many thanks for any advice you may have on this matter.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi,

    I would like to take you up on your offer of 1 oz. of free silver. Please send it to ## ######, #####, MO #####. I do not own any silver (other than silverware and jewelry). Thank you if you’re for real. :)

    – -Carol

    • Sorry, Carol, I have no silver left to give away. I blanked your address info to ensure your privacy.

  3. Hi Scott, I have been doing the same thing, giving it away in the hope it will kickstart others into buying more for themselves…its amazing the effect the sheer beauty of a silver coin has. If I tell people about fiat money they dont get it; but put a £1 coin next to a 1oz silver maple and all of a sudden the fiat money LOOKS as insubstantial as it is. It does the explaining for us. I agree with Denarius; no point being the only person in town with silver.

  4. Hi, Scott, great idea !

    How do I know ? Simply because that is what I’ve been doing for a few years now. I figured it does me no good to be the only one in town to have any silver. So I’ve been giving it away one Peace Dollar, Eagle, Onza, Libertad and Maple Leaf at a time. Only ONE of the dozens of recipients tried to take them to a b*nk — “It wasn’t me, it was my accountant” — so he claimed.

    What I found has the most impact on the sleepy-brained is to give them a choice between a paper dollar and a silver dollar. That usually is a no-brainer even for them. Where the real struggle begins is when you give them a choice between a five- or ten- spot and a silver dollar. Then the rusty wheels really begin spinning. It’s even more fun to give one a silver dollar instead of a paper one and then offer to buy it back for five or ten paper dollars.

    It may not be everyone’s form of entertainment but it sure keeps me in stiches. I mean, to watch people try to actually THINK after so many years of bubble-vision input is a riot. It strikes me as the mental equivalent of a bear coming out of hibernation, stumbling around while trying to co-ordinate various body parts still half asleep.

    For those who are into planning their futures, I have arrived at a formula for How Much Silver is necessary to live on. Figure you will need one ounce per day for the rest of the “emergency”. In the beginning, you may need one ounce per meal but that will quickly change to one ounce per day and over-shoot to one ounce per week, imo. So one ounce per day is a reasonable average over an extended amount of time.

    There are over 3500 days in ten years so you will need seven boxes of 500 Silver Eagles, Maple Leafs, Philharmonics, or whatever. At 8 to 9 thousand USD per box that comes to about 60K. Well, this is about the average that baby-boomers have in their various retirement accounts. So the question comes down to you trusting paper or metal for your future survival. Just don’t expect anyone else to make this decision for you.

    Basta! Just “pay forward” and you will be right as rain, mate. (8~D)

    • Denarius,

      Thanks for the refreshing take on silver, it sounds like a fun way to give it away! Nice formula on how much silver to own, as well.

  5. Scott,

    I have been interested in silver for a while, but the price fluctuations have put me off. I would like to start getting some physical. I kive in Washington, DC. can I buy it from the government? A couple of my friends have ingots and coins bought from dealers. I am a newbie (no silver) and would like to take you up on your generous offer of an ounce.


    Noel McCormack

    • Hey Noel,

      It’s actually quite hard to buy silver directly from the government. The US Mint prefers to sell its bullion through dealers. But here’s a list of gold and silver dealers I’ve dealt with in the past: Recommended Dealers

      Also, sorry to say I’m out of silver to give away right now.

  6. Tom Binder
    *** * *** **.
    ******* Tx *****

  7. Great idea to give the silver to newbies. I sold out my 401K a couple years ago, bought some gold and silver, and have been setting up friends and family with some ever since. The reasons:
    – I want to protect those I love
    – What has been given can never be stolen or confiscated
    – I believe the “protection” factor will be greatly enhanced if more people have some.
    – Finally, although my actions are only a drop in the ocean, I hope that this sort of behavior can help expose the paper ponzi scheme.

    So thanks for your good work, and I hope it inspires others to do likewise.

  8. Scottt,

    Do you have any knowledge of the following:

    The “11:11 Phenomenon” & Lightworkers.

    Please research (if necessary) and share with us.

    Also, Scott— Are you a Lightworker?

  9. Scott got the silver today! Right then I went down and bought 3 silver rounds.This really feels like the right thing to do. I will buy more each payday.This all started with your giving and education to us.Thanks and God bless!…………Connally

  10. Hey!
    I want to thank you for the silver. Since getting your ounce in my hand I have bought 20 more in various seizes and makes.

    You have inspired me and put me in the mind set that is isnt if SHTF but when SHTF with this current administration at the head of our nation.

    I cant say thank you enough! I am now a daily follower of your sight!

    • I was saving gold and silver untill a creep came and stole it and my rent money left me for dead and proclaimed being a Christian no less the world is getting very dark I am living in a hotel god is good I’m a breast cancer survivor now my love ones are without as well as me

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