5 Banks Are “Dead Men Walking”

From Our “Floating in the Fish Tank” Dept.
Looks like another prediction is coming true. Back in 2007 I warned my friends/family/co-workers of the 25 banks most likely to fail. I closed all my accounts at Wells Fargo. When I launched Meltdown2011.com in Feb 2008 I published the same warning on this site. 


See who they name? Citibank, Bank of America, HSBC, Wells Fargo (which bought already-failed Wachovia last year).

These are the banks I named back in Sept 2007 and reminded you of shortly after starting this site in Feb 2008 when I asked you Is Your Bank a Casino? 


Six-for-six–now be honest, don’t you like getting your headlines a year+ early? I thought so!

Oh, BTW, notice #17 and #23 on the list. Yep, they’re floatin’ in the fish tank, too.

Wonder what’ll happen to the other 17 banks on the list within another, oh, 18 months, maybe… I don’t really have to spell it out, do I?


FDIC Gears Up for Bank Failures
…They Will Kill Us All
Is Your Bank a Casino?


8 Responses

  1. looks like we saw the new trick to day, we the people pay, and the good ole white bank boys hold all the cash, n all the property, are gov’t now = central bank,

    next roll, snake eyes or any other double to get you out of jail cuz your too broke n gotta serve your time

  2. Scott,

    What do you know about “Planet X” & 2012?

  3. the winner is the person that controls the derivatives…

  4. correction
    I think your wrong about 4 of the 6 you have Xed off. And this is going to be slow, drawn out and decisive. And then there is probably another trick up the new ‘santa fe institute’ economists sleeves.

  5. I think your wrong the three about this, any that are Central Banks (US or other wise) or are tied tight to the Fed Reserve, all have their bank in derivative credits, or will be bought out. Otherwise is it not an overnight laundering of derivatives and the legal clauses are probably wicked brilliant. The dead get left with the toxic assets and the winner is?

  6. With the stocks up the past three days and all the rosy news coming out today
    like Citi saying yesterday they are doing great
    BofA saying they will have a 50 Billion dollar profit sans taxes and GM not needing money when not days ago they were in dire straits

    *scratches head and thinks of right way to ask this one*

    so my question is, is this little rally and rose bit of news just a ruse by MSM and PTB or what?

    Inquiring minds want to know!!

    • McNamys,

      Remember this from March 12, 2008:
      “We don’t see any pressure on our liquidity, let alone a liquidity crisis.”
      Alan Schwartz, CEO of Bear Stearns, March 12, 2008.
      Schwartz was fending off speculation that the investment banking giant was in a cash crunch when he made this statement, trying to reassure investors that Bear Stearns was doing OK.

      4 days later, March 16, 2008, Bear Stearns’ dead corpse was sold for $2/share to JP Morgan. The gov’t even gave JPM a $30 billion bonus to take ’em.

      • Scott, thanks for the response and reality check. How easy I have forgotten about that chicanery.

        Its amazing that its being done in what I see as a mass scale deception by O in his speech that all is better, GM, Citi, BofA and of course the MSM

        The market really likes it, we’re up 4 days in a row, if this 4th day holds out positive.

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