UGLY: Inflation-Corrected Dow

This piece of ugliness is from Eric Roseman.

An incredible market development occurred recently as the Dow Jones Industrials (Dow) broke below 6,700 – its lowest level since 1997.


Stocks are now at the same level adjusted for inflation since 1966. Stocks have done absolutely nothing for your portfolio over the last 43 years and have badly lagged bonds and even T-bills.

 Should stocks crash another 50% from current levels – an unlikely event – that will put the Dow at the same inflation-adjusted level as 1929.

Amazingly, common stocks have gone nowhere since 1966 after including the consumer price index in the total return equation. The last time equities were in similar dire straits was back in 1982 when the same matrix saw stocks return a loss adjusted for inflation from 1966 to 1982. [more]

Of course, if you were to use John Williams’ “Shadow Stats” inflation statistics things would look even worse. (Since the Clinton administration gov’t inflation levels have been falsified to look better. Since 1990s inflation is under-reported by about 3%.)



Week of Mar 16, 2009

the-guardian-front-v2_56x86British Cabinet Minister Says, “We’re F**cked”
Privately, something close to desperation is starting to develop inside the British government. After watching the slide in bank shares on Friday, one cabinet minister did not altogether joke when he said: “The banks are f**cked, we’re f**cked, the country’s f**cked.” England’s Bankster Bailout v2.0 is in trouble.

2009-03-p1_56x75Robbing Peter to Subsidize Paul
Richard Maybury (hero) asks, “If governments can create gains in employment and income, why don’t they do it all the time? Why wait for emergencies?” And, how does this affect the price of gold and silver? Mr. Maybury explains in Inflation, Intervention & Velocity of Money.

art-bars-1-oz_75x45Silver Giveaway
As you may know I’ve been giving away one ounce silver bars to complete strangers (If You Have No Silver I’ll Give You Some of Mine). Sorry to say, after giving out 73 bars all together I’ve run out. No more for now.

wsj-interviews-john-williams_75x63John Williams On Booze & Hyperinflation
What’s the Wall St Journal up to? First they talk openly about the “Amero,” the long-rumoured secret replacement monetary system for a soon-collapsed US dollar. Now, they interview John Williams, the watchdog over gov’t manipulated statistics. Are we being prepared for something? Wall St Journal Talks (hyper)Inflation

Get Physical: Another Knock Against ETFs
David Morgan reports Barclays has changed SLV prospectus wording from “Silver Bullion” to just “Silver.” Does this sound like not all their silver is bullion? If it ain’t physical silver, what is it?  Silver ETF Isn’t 100% Real

cftc-appreciation-medallion-front_70x68COMEX Not Vaporized But, Maybe, Smoldering?
COMEX silver inventory didn’t vaporize last December, but it was knocked down a bit. Now Ted Butler is saying “we may be heading into a wholesale silver shortage.” I wonder Is COMEX Cracking? Finally?

401K Salvation Soon?
poof_108x811If you’ve seen your 401K destroyed in the last quarter of 2008 your salvation may be at hand–I think the long-overdue bear market rally may finally be here. The coming 4 to 12 weeks could give you your last, best chance to dump your 401K at an interim high. Bottom? NO Rally? YES

inflation-adj-dow-1966-snippet“Inflation:” the Most Insidious Tax Ever
Non-trivial trivia:
IF adjusted for inflation
THEN the stock market has fallen back to 1966 levels.

Yep, if you had bought into the market in ’66 figuring you’d “buy-and-hold” you’ve made NOTHING in 43 years. UGLY: Inflation-Corrected Dow

dollar-drowns70x112Buying Our Own Debt?
George Ure sounds off on why it’ll work in the short term, BUT what are the long term consequences? Is this really just a snake eating its own tail? Could it be we’re staring down the barrel of the Dollar Death in May?

Masters Do Not Collect Money From Their Slaves
G. Edward Griffin, author and hero, responds to a reader who wonders if the “Shadow Powers” are about to “shoot themselves in the foot”? She asks, So What Happens When We All Are Broke?

Summer from Hell: US Dollar Collapse 4cast
George Ure (of Urban Survival fame) is talking about “competitive collapse of currencies world-wide” beginning “no later than late May.”

I’ve also watched the LEAP/E2020 European think tank’s economic forecasts with great interest. Now they’re not only predicting the demise of the world’s reserve currency, the dollar, this summer but events equally ominous. Sometimes you gotta go outside the mainstream US media to get the straight scoop. Consider the Think Tank’s 2009 Predictions.

Read about the only indicator I’ve found that has correctly predicted the timing and magnitude of the 1929 crash in Market Predictions for 2009-2010.


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